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I’m always at a bit of a loss with what to do on Christmas Day. This year I did something I was always curious about: we explored Manhattan while everyone else was in unwrapping gifts. As I had hoped, the tourist crowds were minimal and we could see the windows and lights on Fifth Avenue without having to struggle to see over other heads!
We then checked out the huge tree at The New York Palace Hotel before heading downtown for lunch. Best of all we got to do another holiday mitzvah – while strolling downtown we ran into a family who were feeding the homeless community in Tompkins Square Park, and Ezra wanted to jump in and help! He and my husband handed out food before we headed home for the night. I think we now have a new tradition for December 25.









and heading downtown to the East Village we found this cool 3D graffiti:


handing out food in Tompkins Square Park:


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I think everyone heard the news about the window washers who were stranded on the Hearst building. When we looked up (from the floor where I work in the same building) we couldn’t see them – and when I look out I can just see this lovely view of Central Park. I imagine that the view of the park is even better from the outside and from 20 floors higher but – I definitely would NOT want to be dangling from scaffolding to see it.

My old boss Gayle King at Oprah Magazine tweeted from a few floors up – while workers cut away at the glass and rescued the 2 men. Just another average day in New York!

looking up to find the workers ..

looking up to find the workers ..

my view of the park.. and the workers were stranded even higher!

my view of the park.. and they were even higher!

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It doesn’t get any more fun than hanging with friends in the bright lights – big city:
(see more fun city pix here via one of our favorite blogs)


Rockefeller Center's tree by day

Rockefeller Center’s tree by day

a fountain filled with pine branches

a fountain filled with pine branches

covering all holiday bases

covering all holiday bases – but where’s the menorah?

holiday lollipops with friends

lollipops after meeting a Santa

Bryant Park's tree and skaters

Bryant Park’s tree and skaters


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