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This is how Jackson Heights does a ‘Family Day’ – with Mr Met of course, and NDI.

Then Zoe (in the brown dress in front) and Ezra (in blue top and plaid shorts behind the gal in denim) joined in on the fun.. Zoe and Ezra have some pretty great ‘spaghetti arms’ and a fabulous finish! Broadway, here we come! (to see larger, click on the link to vimeo here.)


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In a gesture of hope I packed away the kids’ snowsuits… not far out of reach, but cleaned up and put away hoping they won’t be needed. And of course, it is right now snowing again. Argh. When will this winter end? I noted that last May Zoe was still wearing sweater tights and a long sleeved shirt so .. what was I thinking?! Enjoy the weekend –


photo from here

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We had a lot of friends over, and yet a basically mellow weekend. How about you?
(Below – Zoe and BFFs Hazel and Mia on a train to Manhattan for her tea non-party, Ezra arranged all her dolls for a slumber party on the floor that night, she can’t get enough of her birthday gifts, and Ezra making eggs for all of us in the a.m.)

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photo 2

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Cup Of Jo posted this illustration by Sarah Lazarovic yesterday and it cracked me up.. it’s so true! Four seasons do not quite feel like FOUR seasons here in NYC. We had that brief blurb of spring a couple days ago… I do plan on putting some photos on the blog of our attempts to bike and get outside but it’s almost depressing that it’s already gone – that fresh warmer air.
Oh well. We will find more adventure this weekend regardless of the cold so – stay tuned. And have a great weekend.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 10.42.54 AM

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This is pretty much what every morning has looked like this week. But at about 8 a.m. this morning the sun was out, the sky is finally blue and it’s a balmy 36 degrees so the city is a mess with slush and melting ice everywhere. I’ll take it!

Have a good (and cozy) weekend — and a Happy Valentine’s Day.


cover art found here

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What are you up to this weekend? Does it include lots of television, friends and cheesy nachos? While we aren’t the hugest football fans, we do like to partake in a good Super Bowl Party. AND Ezra had a random half-day at school yesterday so we got to beat the crowds (barely) when we made a run to Times Square for Super Bowl Boulevard. Check out this crazy huge Toboggan Run engineered by GMC! And of course there were lots of silly promotional photo opps and football fans abound to enjoy.

The temps here may get up to a balmy 20 degrees so – who knows? Maybe we will get outdoors again .. enjoy your Super Bowl weekend.

this image courtesy NFL

this image courtesy NFL




can you tell Ezra is about to lose those 2 front teeth?

can you tell Ezra is about to lose those 2 front teeth?




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Have a great weekend..


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