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There’s nothing worse than dying to see your kids all week, and then your flight to pick them up gets CANCELLED! The only thing good that came out of that evening was a quick trip to Saw Shack for dinner. This new Chinese restaurant in our ‘hood makes yummy, fresh Chinese food with vegan and vegetarian options too. We had the shrimp with mango and it was amazing .. no sauces smothering the mango. The tofu dish with broccoli was incredible as well. It’s pathetic that all I have to show here is a half eaten dish, but trust me it went down quickly and held us over for the next 6-8 hours of waiting in an airport, begging for a flight to get to our kids. The orange infused water is definitely something I want to try at home.

not fine dining here but the food is super fresh and tasty!

not fine dining here but the food is super fresh and tasty!




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While I’m not 100 percent ‘off’ of meat, I do live with a vegetarian and – truth be told – I do like the idea of saving the environment and some animals by eating less of it. We got a nice warm welcome to the NY Vegetarian Festival at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan however. The folks at the door loved the idea of kids coming around to test the nibbles. There were puppets being made of recycled materials, crafts and coloring, and of course some veg meat options (Ezra loved the faux jerky) to try. My kids love beans and Indian food so they sampled this the most!




















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Our friend Loren had a milestone birthday party in August that not many of us could make it to. Thankfully her sister Maggie (who appeared on our blog when we found her at her wedding here) took it upon herself to throw an autumnal hoedown in the Cornwall ‘cation house to catch all of us who couldn’t make it in August. The weather just got cool enough that we could enjoy wearing cowboy boots, bob for apples, make a horse out of found things, hang the Dolly Parton wig on the door and square dance the night away (with intermittent breaks for vegetarian chili and cornbread). Of course Loren loves to be creating, so she created 7 apple pies for the event – another great way to warm up the house. And even though Loren’s sister Maggie is vegan – she and her husband Grill Master Evan put a pig on a spit and roasted it all day for the carnivorous birthday girl and her guests … now THAT’S love!

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Some time ago my husband and I saw an episode of Best Food Ever and discovered this restaurant that started as a mobile food truck. When we heard that Clover was started by vegetarians who wanted to ‘show the world that vegetarian food could taste good’ – my curiosity was definitely piqued. (Oh, had I mentioned I’ve gone from being a life-long carnivore to a vegetarian in the last couple months, due to some revelations by Mark Bittman of the New York Times ? More on that later.)
Clover didn’t disappoint. Not only is the stationary food lab located on the cutest street in Harvard Square – but everything is fresh and prepared in front of you. (Their trucks usually hit all the weekday lunch spots around offices in Boston.) My husband was pretty nuts about all the new technology involved in ordering (waiter with an iphone keys in your order and swipes your credit card, and live menus on LCD tvs that update in minutes how quickly you’ll get your food.) The kids loved making drawings for the walls and checking out the veg and herb garden on the second floor. The chickpea fritter platter was so yummy that we returned the next morning for their pop-overs and breakfast sandwiches. And Zoe loved the peanutbutter, honey and banana pockets. Yum!

mmmm super fresh coffee in the morning!

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