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Before heading back to the city we took a short hike through the woods in Mendon area – where we filled our lungs with fresh air, saw some horses on the trail and found young butterfly milk weed. We even had to wear hats – here comes the cold!

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While we were in Rochester, we made a visit to the Strong Museum of Play. We’ve been here before and we cannot quite conquer all of this massive, amazing museum for kids in one trip. Not only does the entrance house a whole carousel and diner – but then inside there’s an entire Wegman’s supermarket for kids to play in – along with tons of other areas to learn about vintage toys, gravity, books, the post office and mailing letters, a pirate ship and a stage to perform on while video taping your segment and putting music to it. The indoor railroad and train tables are always a hit. This time we finally got back to the Berenstain Bear section of the museum where we found a play restaurant with groups of kids pretending to wait tables, serve food and count out cash and change to customers. I still couldn’t get Zoe out of the princess dress-up area of Reading Adventure-land however:

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We went to Rochester New York to visit grandma and grandpa – and Ezra is nuts about their garden. He loves picking sugar snap peas and blueberries, and loved sharing his new gardening knowledge and skills with his little sister. Nothing beats having city kids who fully appreciate a romp in the yard and grass in the morning. I’m pretty convinced that my city kids tend to take this in more than their country cousins – who have it at their fingertips all the time. That said I do remember when I was younger – my brothers and I would get frustrated when my parents shooed us outdoors and took us away from our toys.

Do your kids still use the backyard, or is it a struggle to get them out?

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