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Remember the last time we did this?  We were back at it again, using an old painting and replenishing it with our own creative paint strokes. This time we bought some glitter so that Zoe could make it shiny. We are pleased with the way it came out and how it looks near our dining room! Next time you get to a flea market or estate sale, pick up a cheap ugly painting and try your hand at this yourself! In this case we used some old house paint (quite dried out and clumpy as you can see in the details) to mingle with the glitter!


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Zoe spent the summer learning all about reducing, reusing and recycling.  This fun little day camp happens in Ezra’s regular school – where a garden is situated on the roof.  Zoe got to join this year and grew vegetables, did her own garden designs, and met a lot of friends.  At the end of it all they had a ‘cafe night’ with pot luck and healthy foods from the garden, as well as a reading and performance by our little lady herself!  I’m so proud of her.



kids running the lemonade zone


Zoe and others made table decorations from recycled milk cartons



singing their hearts out!


and a reading by Zoe .. about how much her dad helps her : )

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Ezra is reading his 3D book on Monster Trucks, excited that he and a friend will go to the Monster Truck Jam this weekend. I worry about the noise, and his ears … but he is over the moon. And I’m looking forward to having an evening of tea party and princess movie watching with my main girl Zoe.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and meanwhile here are some of our favorite things from perusing our favorite sites:

— This yummy brunch is making me yearn for warmer days.

Here’s a fun kid activity to do while indoors – some science with food coloring.

— The dry version of our food coloring project will be this – great powder photos!

— When stuck indoors, we love to make stuff out of cardboard boxes left in our recycle area. (Remember our halloween costume?) Here are some more great ideas of how to reuse your cardboard stash.

— Speaking of cardboard reuse, my kids consider this clever little guy to be a cardboard rockstar.

— We once made a dollhouse out of a UPS box. I confess, I’m nuts about dollhouses and I love when they are created out of something unexpected like this and this.

— Our neighbor from Just Arting Around created a fabric using her own fingerprints!

— A very cool sushi-themed birthday party.

— Mmmmmm some delicious takes on kale. Clearly our foodie neighbors are as home bound as we are, but they are eating well.

— Need some kosher stuffed potato skins for Superbowl Sunday?

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photo from seventytree blog

photo from the seventytree blog

Really could it get any colder? We are starting to go a little stir crazy indoors but honestly, it hurts to expose even a nose in this weather.

Some things to warm you:

— The perfect snowman. And some more here.

— If near a fireplace, start up the s’mores.

— Now that Zoe has had a tea party, I’m kinda craving one for big girls.

— And speaking of tea, check out these adorable tea cups.

— Stuck inside? My kids love to make a fort.

— This weekend is Tu Bishvat and we’ll be reading this book. I love the illustrations by Marc Simont.

— Speaking of trees, spare one and upcycle an old wood crib. What a great idea!

— How to do ‘little trees’ (as my kids call them) right… and quick!

— New thing I learned: Frost Flowers?

— Can you be up for this challenge of photographing your kids at least once a week? This underwater shot is the best.

— The prettiest dresses. I want them all!

— Getting excited about Valentine’s Day? I love this Valentine idea for kids.

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