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The Children’s Museum of Art in Manhattan does a great street festival each spring, and this year the weather was SO conducive to outdoor activity!  Zoe cannot get enough of the flubber table, and building box cities and a giant yarn bridge outdoors is just an ideal kid activity.  I loved the miniature golf stations that the creative CMA staff made from scratch out of cardboard… can I get a job there?




remember these silly chairs?



jumping rope


capoeira performances in the street



a mini golf Guggenheim!



recycled stuff city


yarn bridge made by the kids


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Need something to do with all those recycled bottles? Create a place away from the sun, perhaps? STUDIOKCA did this at Governor’s Island:






photo 2





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photo 5

Today is Ezra’s 100th Day of School – a day that is celebrated by kids making a poster of 100 things, and presenting it at school. It was kind of hysterical seeing a sea of small kids practically sailing to school this morning with their large poster boards in hand, the cold wind pushing them along. I wish I had time this a.m. to photograph Ezra’s poster of a brain bursting with 100 star stickers, his ‘one new thing learned each day’. But alas, the a.m. is too frantic and crazy for me to remember to pull out a camera.
Instead I think this photo says it all. Last week Ezra climbed to the top of the ‘spider web’ (as he calls it) in his old school. It use to terrify him to do this. He was so proud. Really – where does the time go? I know it’s such a cliche but they really do grow so fast.

And because it’s Friday and because I’m still obsessed with teepees, making things of cardboard, and having fun indoors while it’s cold – here’s our weekly list of beautiful things:

— Got a big box? Make an indoor slide.

— Turn that old dress into a teepee!

— So much beautiful wood… look at that headboard.

Paper maps of various cities.

— I love these painted floors

Amazing hats, and the studio – don’t you just want to live in there?

— Some fun photos of my old neighborhood.

An amazing discovery – nanny turned photographer who left gorgeous photos behind.

— Stylish rebels: best dressed men ever.

— This weekend is Purim! We are breaking out these costumes again and hope to try this hamentashen recipe – yum!

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During the cold weather we get a little stir crazy while indoors – and grandparents love receiving these little handmade items that are useful, recycled AND created by their grandchildren! Back in the 1970s my mom would cut (with a saw!) a much sturdier ‘roll’ that came at the end of a bolt of fabric, or perhaps wrapping paper. Today this craft idea makes use of those constantly multiplying paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Easy to do and ‘eyeball’ measure … you can either cut the items for your children or let them cut the fabric/ribbon and paper roll on their own.
One yard of 1 inch wide ribbon/trimming makes about 6 rings – so buy about 1.5 yards and use a paper towel roll plus one bathroom roll to get a set of 9 rings. We cut the fabric/ribbon into 6 inch strips and preferred a thick, almost tapestry-like material to make the ring firm. The kids can put glue either on the back of the fabric or on the outside of the paper roll, and then roll it all together and let stand to dry. Voila!

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