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Before spring break Zoe had the sweetest ballet recital. It took some convincing to get her to tone down her hair accessories and to wear only pink (and not gold and purple too). The teachers did some of their own dancing at the end and awarded their students with little bags of ballet treats, books, stickers and a tiara each!
There were some shy girls that got a little too fearful to get up and dance – but Zoe was there, pressing on with her older friend Ruby. The show must go on!











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Every now and again I get the question: “is Zoe still dancing?” She is, and she loves it. She has a bunch of tutus and various outfits to wear to class – thanks to her Bubby and Grandma who supply the cutest ballet clothes to her on a regular basis. And look how much she’s grown since the last ballet post!

photo 32

photo 13

photo 23

photo 33

photo 12

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I know I know … she’s only 2 and half years old. But ever since she could talk, she’s been asking for ‘ballerina school’. So I finally found a class for kids under the age of 3 (at Mimi For Me Yoga right here in our hood), and she was thrilled. The teachers told me she had real talent, that she followed direction so well and could stay on her tip toes for nearly all 20 minutes. One teacher actually suspected she was the next Margot Fonteyn (I know, now I’m gushing beyond sense.) Needless to say I agreed with all of it, and felt such a huge swell of pride!

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Zoe at age 2
Photo by her dad, tutu from her grandparents. Such a big girl!

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