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Some friends of friends were kind enough to invite us out to their home for dinner. I was stunned when I saw this treehouse in their yard – on the edge of the forest behind their house. They had it built for their boys who had since grown up and abandoned it – but I still had to visit it and let my kids climb around. I have a fascination with tree houses – and have since I was about 5 years old. I think I’ve never forgiven my parents for not building one in our backyard while I was small (and begged for it incessantly) but now that I’m old enough to understand what it would take to build one – that intense desire to make something safe but magical for your kids, and then have it be abandoned so quickly … I can almost understand why tree houses don’t get created often enough. This one was high high off the ground – and together the kids and I fantasized about how we would finish off the interior with books and wallpaper alla the ‘Magic Treehouse’ book series. If only we could ..

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