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Ezra and Zoe both took part in theater camp this summer (Zoe’s post soon to come..!)

Ezra had to audition for this Wingspan program.  He went into a casting call in the spring; drumming and singing ‘You Know I’m No Good’ by Amy Winehouse and wowing the crowd.  When he was accepted, we were so proud but also excited to see what new Manhattan “acting kids” Ezra would get to know.

They were a fun and kind crew, and – as it turns out – so thoroughly jazzed about theater that they do this kind of thing all year ’round.  For Ezra and I it was fun to catch the E train to Times Square every morning to get him to the theater district (although my feet wore out quickly with the arduous commute, it’s pretty rare that a kid goes to camp in Times Square every day!) For Ezra, it was exposure to more creative middle school-aged kids, who don’t mock each other for wanting to sing and dance.

‘Dancing’ – it turns out – is the hardest thing Ezra had to do.  He can sing, he can drum, he can act… but all that dancing nearly broke him.  In a sense he was happy to rise to the challenge but it was challenging for him to stick with it in the beginning of the summer.

The end result was this delicious little rendition of ‘James and the Giant Peach’ – a favorite Roald Dahl book brought to life on the stage with some fun singing and dancing.  I love the very ‘Wes Anderson’ costumes and props, and in the end Ezra got a glimpse of theater life on the great White Way. I’m proud of him for seeing it through – and next year he claims he wants “race car or drumming camp”.


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.46.58 PM


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Pardon my mad dash to post as many pix as I can before the year is out, but clearly I’ve lagged on doing anything blog oriented this holiday season! And I have a camera full of memories to share. We went to another Red Chair show at the Skirball Center – this time we saw Doktor Kaboom and his hilarious and informative experiments on getting Santa down a chimney, how to make reindeer fly. Unfortunately much of Dr Kaboom’s equipment didn’t arrive during his travels, but he did manage to throw together a hovercraft made from a shower curtain and leaf blower that carried a little girl across the stage! We got to go back stage and meet him in person, and other fans wished him a happy birthday.








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Hey remember our last few outings to see some kid theater? Well we checked out the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts again last weekend to see Harold and the Purple Crayon. With music by Andrew Bird and phenomenal dancers from Chicago, I was entertained as much as the kids were! Sadly photo-taking was not allowed but you can get a glimpse of what the dancers were up to from the Google images below:









photo from Time Out Kids Chicago

photo from Time Out Kids Chicago

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