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As the weekends here grow colder (yes, they already are!) we joined some friends to try on some ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) in the woods.   I basically lived in the one pair of corduroy pants,  fleece and scarf that I packed – and my bathing suit was largely ignored.  But this was not the case for my husband and Ezra who braved the (slightly warmer) pond to try on some new and crazy water sports!  This is the last week before school starts here in NYC and – I have to say – this summer went by far far too quickly.

(a special thank you to the Marten family for letting us join along for the fun!)


waking to fog on the lake.. or is that frost?


Zoe practices her gymnastic skills on a slack line by the kids’ tree tent


The Martens have a way of decorating tent entrances!



Ezra and Zoe love playing in here..


caught a fish!


jet ski!


Yeah, there was even a water jet pack to try on .. and of course my husband tried it

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We ‘won’ an opportunity to go camping in one of NYC’s parks (via the Parks Dept.) I think we were ‘going for’ a night at Central Park, and got a park in Inwood instead. It’s located at 218th st on the west side of Manhattan. We were supplied with tents, s’mores, and new friends – and about 4-6 park rangers who took us on a late night hike! There was a skunk family tip toeing around as we slept, but otherwise it was all quite peaceful. And who knew there is so much Native American history there?
(have a great weekend!)

a lesson on tent set up

a lesson on tent set up

photo 3

ahhhh grass

ahhhh grass

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Zoe after way too many s'mores

Zoe after way too many s’mores

late night wig wam exploration

late night wig wam exploration

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For the first time ever we all slept in a tent together. On the hard ground. Under the stars. We woke up to the sound of water babbling just by our campsite – the kids can play in nature forever. We banned ipads and electronics, and the older kids discovered they liked to find low hanging branches where they’d create woodland shelters. Our campground at Rip Van Winkle in Saugerties, NY has a heated pool and hay rides at 4 pm on Saturdays to keep kids further entertained. It was a great way to start summer!



our sleeping quarters

our sleeping quarters

even the dolls have sleeping bags

even the dolls have sleeping bags


finding fun shelters

finding fun shelters






lots of critters

lots of critters


getting solar power to charge up the parents' phones

getting solar power to charge up the parents’ phones

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Photo from crazybeautifulnature.wordpress

Well I’m getting this post out a little late today because I spent the day doing a bulletin board for Ezra’s school, and have plunged back into full time mommy-hood due to changes at work. The snow is already starting to blanket our sidewalks and streets and we are buckling down for a movie night, shabbat dinner, and a quiet weekend that might just include sledding and snowman making (we hope). Meanwhile, these are a few of our favorite things:

— Thank you SO MUCH for all your votes. I cannot believe we hovered so close to the top of apartmenttherapy’s Best Family & Kids blog category. I’m so happy – and meanwhile do check out some of the other contenders; some beautiful DIY and parenting ideas, along with some amazing photography.

— I’m hoping we wake to this tomorrow morning!

— If you get outside, check out Moon Over Manhattan this weekend.

— If we are stuck indoors again this weekend we will be making lots of blanket forts. Here are some tee-pees to inspire you.

— Are the kids always bugging you for your iphone? Turn it into a cool science project.

Super hero window washers!

Chinese New Year is upon us! Make this cool dragon/snake puppet.

This post shows photos that I remember pouring over when I was very young… now you can see where my love of magazines comes from?

— I’ll have to make this amazing rosemary popcorn for our movie night.

— I love these.

This blog has the greatest Valentine’s Day ideas …

— And thank you Beautiful Mess for compiling even more!

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NYC Parks and Backpacker Magazine had their 8th annual ‘Adventures NYC‘ at the Bandshell in Central Park. This event was a fun, free ‘exploration for families’ day. There was a giant pool installed by the bandshell where Ezra tried his hand at rowing a paddle board, and an area where kids and adults could run in a giant hamster wheel. The more experiences you had, the more stamps you got in your ‘passport’ — and then you would be rewarded with a free snow cone (or various other prizes) after working really hard for it! I loved that the lake near Loeb Boathouse – normally reserved for only rowboats – also had kayakers in it. Central Park looked a bit like a camp for a day.

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This weekend we went to see our friends in Cornwall CT again (see here and here) and helped them spring clean. During the weekend we were able to squeeze in some summery fun like: setting up new camping tents, sleeping for one ‘practice night’ in the tents, grilling salmon and eating purple potatoes, seeing the lilacs and lily of the valleys in bloom, and finding ponies to visit at the farm down the road. I’m already excited to greet warmer weather!

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