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Remember our hot chocolate outing from last year? Well we were out and about again in Soho and came across our favorite fancy hot chocolate shop, Marie Belle. Their hot chocolate is literally like drinking a chocolate bar that’s been melted down into a fancy tea cup. The kids love it and I love sitting under the chandeliers and pretending we are in Paris! Check out their Blue Box collection here – I can stare at these illustrations on chocolates all day.










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I made a lemon cake, with lemon icing and spelled his name out in blueberries (of course he ate only the fruit and left the cake to his sweet-obsessed sister). He got a new Bruder truck and he and his sister surprised ME – by putting tiny party hats on their ‘friends’ in the bedroom:




new truck, and if you'll notice he lost a bottom tooth on the eve of his birthday! Can you see the gap?

new truck, and if you’ll notice he lost a bottom tooth on the eve of his birthday! Can you see the gap?

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Yesterday was little man’s birthday. I can’t believe he’s 7 already! Because we don’t often eat processed food in our house, a pile of doughnuts with candles on it served nicely as an extra rare treat and ‘cake’. Of course I gush with pride when he prefers his favorite watermelon on a stick (seeing as he loves fruit more than sweets.) How did I NOT get that “healthy food preference” gene? I hope Ezra never loses it.
Yeah, I know the watermelon already has a rind but the stick just makes it more fun to eat.

Happy birthday E – how are you growing so fast? (And I guess this means our little blog is almost 2 years old now too!)




Watermelon on a stick idea came from here.

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Economy Candy at 108 Rivington Street is another thriving business in the Lower East Side that has a.) been standing since 1937 and b.) been run by the same Jewish family for all these years. Their mission is to sell good candy at a good price – and now the place is somewhat of a museum of candies from the past as well as candy of the present. Remember candy cigarettes and Pez? See more oldies here on their website and check out the store jam packed with yummy cavity inducing stuff in the photos below (it reminded me a bit of our last candy store run here).












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Apartmenttherapy.com has a post on how to celebrate Diwali with kids. Note the correction at the bottom of the post indicates that Diwali is only 2 days long, so today is the last day. Check it out!

Photo from here

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Yes, we live here – in a neighborhood filled with Indian culture – and yet somehow most of it passes us by. One of those things that we wish we could get more involved with is Diwali – the Indian festival of lights that comes in October or November every year. I wish there were more parties or parades that might celebrate this holiday so that we could get an inside look. I worry that I keep assuming that it’s an Indian Hanukkah or India Christmas – but it is a very festive holiday that I can never fully understand without being raised in a Hindu or Jain home.
Many MANY years ago I went to Rajasthan during Diwali and experienced mostly sweets and fireworks (and more sweets) – so I had to take the kids out for some Indian sweets at the very least. These sweets contain so much sugar they can make your head hurt after consuming only one – but of course Zoe was nuts about the pink ones. The shops filled with candle holders, Rangoli materials, diya and statues of deities … the kids loved that. And I love that it’s all so nearby (and fascinating), we can just tumble outside our door to explore it.

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