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Even though the temps were warm, we could do a few wintery NYC things like ice skating in Bryant Park.  A February-break staycation is always fun when you get to catch up on city outings like this, and the rink wasn’t even crowded with tourists shockingly!


beautiful views of the NY Public Library and surrounding buildings


Zoe finally standing and skating on her own (well, sort of)


folks in their business attire pop out for a quick turn on the ice during lunch hour


Quick! one last loop before the Zamboni comes out!

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This fun movie prop shop use to be located in our fine borough of Queens – Long Island City to be exact. We visited when they were nearer to Silver Cup Studios a couple years ago and apparently they needed to move to Brooklyn for a larger space. What a great idea – their motto is this: “Film Biz Recycling (FBR) is a not-for-profit organization, creating socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste.” You may find an item here that appeared in an episode of The Sopranos or a movie — and you might even be able to buy it and take it to your own home. There are objects for rent that are so whacky – they may never have any use outside of a sci-fi film. Then there are also some objects that every movie set (or home) would need. The best part about stopping in is .. just generally reminiscing about all the little things that you may have had in your own past, and forgot about.

I'm ready for my close-up!

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So far our stay-cation has included tooling around Brooklyn for a day. We went to a Charity Bazaar and found some frog rain boots for Zoe, more board games and a ton of great kid books. We had the kids romp in a playground for a bit, and then went to a movie prop house that once resided in Queens. It’s nice to be exploring the boroughs while everyone else is away. Sometimes the parks are quieter – while all the other families are vacationing or in NYC museums.

Yay! No uniform and lots of outdoor time with friends!

Zoe gets a new purple coat from friends..

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