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Another dad from the alley is the artistic director of the Metropolis Ensemble – who took part in the Drifting in Daylight show at Central Park. I haven’t seen this part of the park in a long time, and we were all taken aback by how beautiful and peaceful it is only a few feet into the greenery from the street. Multiple artists had their work within walking distance from each other and the Metropolis Ensemble played on the boat the S.S. Hangover while viewers enjoyed the music from the shore.

More about Creative Times Drifting in Daylight and the artists:
-The SS Hangover and Ragnar Kjartansson info here.
-Solar paneled ice cream truck info here.
-The sphere that takes messages to heaven (according to Ezra) info is here.
-Re-enacting ‘Bullets over Broadway’ info is here.
-Tri-paneled painting info is here.


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photo 1


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For the first time ever we all slept in a tent together. On the hard ground. Under the stars. We woke up to the sound of water babbling just by our campsite – the kids can play in nature forever. We banned ipads and electronics, and the older kids discovered they liked to find low hanging branches where they’d create woodland shelters. Our campground at Rip Van Winkle in Saugerties, NY has a heated pool and hay rides at 4 pm on Saturdays to keep kids further entertained. It was a great way to start summer!



our sleeping quarters

our sleeping quarters

even the dolls have sleeping bags

even the dolls have sleeping bags


finding fun shelters

finding fun shelters






lots of critters

lots of critters


getting solar power to charge up the parents' phones

getting solar power to charge up the parents’ phones

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After being inside the New Museum for a bit we tumbled out on to the street for a walk around the Ideas City Street Fair. Ezra loved the truck farm (its owners offered us some beans to grow at home) and the Mobile Public Park. The combination of gardening and trucks make his little heart sing. And we learned about new innovations being implemented in our city now — like this cool pool and the possibility of having a LowLine some day. One of our favorite new ideas is the ‘Make Anything Into a Key‘ product by Makey Makey – the kids got to play bananas as piano keys!

the view from inside the museum looking at the fair

the view from inside the museum looking at the fair

lots of solar panels for Ezra to enjoy!

lots of solar panels for Ezra to enjoy!





look who's helping out with the mural!

look who’s helping out with the mural!

these bananas really play music!

these bananas really play music!



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We went back to the Liberty Science Center in NJ and found they happened to have an exhibit on solar power – Ezra’s favorite subject! Of course we couldn’t be there and not visit the I Explore area with it’s amazing ball machine, troth of rice where kids can dig, and Climbing Challenge whose bottom level is modeled after what lives under the street (rat exhibit included!)

But really the highlight was the Solar Race Car exhibit … if I could, I would purchase the whole thing and put it in Ezra’s room. It included solar panels that he could expose to light, to stop and start individual cars. It could easily keep him occupied for hours.









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What do you do when you have 2 days off from school and a lot of time indoors? You set up a room full of trains, play with a lot of playdoh, make pumpkin pancakes (and pumpkin cookies, roasted pumpkin seeds too!) And we generally prepped for a Halloween that may be postponed by a day. But kids don’t really seem worried about their Halloween Parade happening a day later than planned. For now Ezra keeps his solar powered charger at the ready (in his room window) in case we need it. And we carved a pumpkin with a candle handy in case the lights go out.

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