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Our neighbor and friend (and great art teacher!) Deborah had a show at Socrates Sculpture Park.  It was so nice to contribute to her work by donating clothing to ‘clean’ in the river, AND the kids helped her carry loads back and forth to the water and then to the line.  Being part of the art!  There were other amazing pieces on display there for the summer including a baby grand piano that’s been turned into a home for bees!


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Every year this park (located near the last Queens apartment that we lived in) hosts a Kite Flight – where kids are invited to make a kite, and then fly it. This year the kite instruction was a bit complex and in ernest mostly parents were making kites for kids… but it was great to get to Socrates Sculpture Garden filled with kites and see the lush gardens blooming along the edge of the park.





some cool graphics to glue to our kites

some cool graphics to glue to our kites





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We spent Wednesday night staying up past the kids’ bedtimes. Socrates Sculpture Park had their annual Summer Solstice Celebration, complete with a silent disco and LOTS of stations where kids could create things from recycled materials. If you look just beneath the 3rd and 4th bubble (from the left) you will see a ‘blue flower sculpture’ just in front of the tree. That’s Ezra’s masterpiece – made of blue plastic bags and book ends. We stayed up waiting for the sun to go down … it wasn’t until 9 p.m. that it started to get a wee bit dark. The kids were exhausted and slept like ya do when it’s summer, and you’ve been outdoors all day long. Bring it on!

This delicious instagram (of Ezra, Mia, Zoe and Lea) is by Ina Seow:

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