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Remember we did this post about our creative friends in Astoria Queens and their adorable Lyla Tov monsters? (We’ve got a button of little monsters in our widgets that you can click on.) Well.. we got a chance to see them again – at a party thanking everyone for their recent kickstarter success! Momma Erin is so creative.. she transformed the basement level of a synagogue into a carnival and Lyla Tov monster fiesta. Congrats to the Black family on their continued monster-making success!











LOVE the PBJ spread idea for future parties!

LOVE the PBJ spread idea for future parties!


the Black family gives a public thanks... note they are growing (2 more monster makers to the family!)

the Black family gives a public thanks… note they are growing (2 more monster makers to the family!)


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She is a bit of a terror lately … this 3 to 4 year old mark is tough.

She still manages to make her way to my bed each night, a habit we cannot seem to control. But she sure is cute when she wakes in the morning – a big warm ball of fuzzy little obstinate girl. Just waking to her world of new experiences, I can almost see the gears in her head moving when she puts some words together and (smart little thing) says “Bo-ker Tov” instead of good morning as soon as her eyes open. Then she jumps off the bed and tries to catch the sun spots in her mouth, and I realize how new she is to the world. How can I expect so much from her?




“um yum yum .. I eat all the spots like cookie monster” she says

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Sadly – regardless of better temperatures – we’ve had to stay indoors a bit due to all of us coming down with the same horrible cold. The “achy with chills and shakes and lots of coughing” kind of cold. I thought we were on a good streak this year since we hadn’t had any viruses in the house from September on.. our lucky streak is over.
We hope to have more adventures soon because the weather is just too darn nice to be stranded inside.

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