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Every Sunday, Ezra plays drums with this cool band at Jazz Standard .  And every Sunday we have a few hours to hang out in Manhattan waiting for his show to start at 2 pm (free for everyone who wants to come by and see them perform!)


On this particularly cold Sunday, we went further downtown to the new Whitney space to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit with Zoe.  I thought I had seen all the Warhol pieces there were to see (think: Campbell’s Soup Can or Marilyn Monroe) – but I was so pleased to see the curator added some rarely seen pieces that we could enjoy.  I love his early drawings of shoes… and apparently Zoe does too!



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Hi there. My office is hoping to see some more gorgeous Real Women Style – wanna submit some photos of yourself (or yourself with your kids)? We want to see your style! Go to http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty-fashion/real-woman-style-awards and enter by March 11!

Look at this chic mom and daughter pair… love the dots!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.28.50 AM

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Today is E and Z’s dad’s birthday. Well really, his birth date is Feb 29 but today will do. Among many of our beautiful things this Friday is the arrival of March, this amazing blueberry cake, and the fact that my husband was born somewhere within the hours between yesterday and today.

Picture 1

We love you birthday boy!

And some other beautiful things:

— Some adorable sushi cupcakes.

— I’ve been dreaming about this ever since seeing the recipe. Yum.

— An array of foot fashion from all the Fashion Weeks.

— And now I want to get some metallic shoes!

— Some beautiful photos from a man who use to live in our apartment building.

— MMmmmm blood orange margaritas!

— For our moms on the ‘other side of the pond’ – a great location for lunch.

— A beautiful way to make menus or invites, and a fun kid project.

— Pretty mini-egg carton vase.

— Beautiful candid photos of kids.

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Ezra’s friend Lea has had a great experience at the Queens Botanical Garden‘s summer camp – and she showed us the fruits of all her labor (pun intended) one day before camp ended. Aside from getting to see the grounds with water ways and an onsite eco-friendly friendly building (complete with solar panels which thrilled Ezra) – we got a glimpse of some great gardening ideas like reusing old shoes as planters! And Lea’s teacher even took a moment to proudly show us the herbs and nearly ripe vegetables in the Children’s Garden. And as always Lea’s little sister Mia was thrilled to be around flowers, and teaching Zoe everything she knows about them.

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