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Our 84 year old neighbor made the interesting point; that kids no longer get ‘home ec’ classes at school.  She worried that this made kids good at ‘books’ but not good at cooking, sewing, building.  I thought about it every time she came around with knitting needles and offered to show me how to ‘cast on’ again (I always forget this).  And learning from her is so much nicer than trying to watch a youtube video.  When a home-schooling friend posted to Instagram images of her daughter at sew-camp — I had to call in our local sewing master Loren to have a ‘sew camp of our own’ for a night.  The kids loved learning how to use a sewing machine; threading it and  making fun stitching patterns on fabric.  I hope to do it again soon!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.34.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.35.13 PM

our friend Alice in Columbus OH area got us excited about this idea..


And our own attempt to a sew camp:


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My friend Loren (who makes lots of beautiful things – see here and here) came over a couple of weeks ago with this adult, wool sweater that she deliberately shrunk in the wash. Apparently this is how one makes ‘felted wool’ and it was small enough for us to try to cut down into something (a dress? a jumper?) for Zoe. I finally got up the nerve to take Loren’s advice and cut into it.. literally. It was scary at first but it really doesn’t unravel when it’s been put through the tumble and heat of a hot water wash and dry. I was able to cut off the cuffs and bottom (note that Zoe took off with one of my cuffs at one point while I was photographing) and then I got up the nerve to cut straight up the center – since Zoe didn’t like wrestling her way in through the neck hole. In the end it is a tiny bit large in the shoulders for Zoe but I feel certain that by next winter it will fit her. Now I think I will try to find a zipper to sew into the front so she can zip it up but meanwhile .. take a look at Zoe’s own great idea of what to do with the cuffs and leftover pieces! She was working on it all along while I was taking pictures.

note that Zoe took off with one of my cuffs..

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