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Photo from ohthelovelythings.com

Photo from ohthelovelythings.com

I feel like my quest for Beautiful Things has been hampered lately by chasing kids, their schedules, an upcoming ballet recital, a huge homework packet … you know the mamma drill. But I did manage to find some things that evoke spring before frolicking with the kids (both of them, now that Ezra has some time off from school finally).


— Favorite spring picture books.

— Some beautiful spring colors and eggs (for Passover or Easter or just as a symbol of renewal.)

— More lovely lively colors to take my head out of winter.

Colorful coats for the end of the season, and don’t forget the red lipstick again!

— It’s fascinating to see children around the world with their favorite things.

— And just cute kids in general, on film, saying some great stuff (love the one about Valentine’s Day!)

A great lunch option, I’m about to Google whether or not bulgur wheat is kosher for Passover.

— What do to with your cherry tomatoes when they go past their prime.

— Pretty macaroons!

— Do you remember when Banana Republic Merchandise looked like this?

— A kosher-for-Passover treat and favorite at our house.

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