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Well here’s what’s been going on here: we had a dusting of snow that lasted for all of a couple of hours and then melted away as rain within the same day.  It was pretty enough to photograph but didn’t linger long enough to turn into snowmen.  My Jewish kids were once again tapped for their acting skills – as Zoe played the Grinch in the school play just as her brother did 3 years ago.  I’m glad the school hung on to that backdrop that I made all those years ago!  This year was spruced up with a sled made from the janitor’s cart – it was Zoe’s favorite scene, riding in that thing.  We got to squeeze in a kid-version mash up of Swan Lake and Nutcracker called ‘Ballerina Swan‘.  Zoe loves posing with the dancers!



Zoe’s classmates from front left: Haitia, Isabella, Grace and Annissa




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Cup Of Jo posted this illustration by Sarah Lazarovic yesterday and it cracked me up.. it’s so true! Four seasons do not quite feel like FOUR seasons here in NYC. We had that brief blurb of spring a couple days ago… I do plan on putting some photos on the blog of our attempts to bike and get outside but it’s almost depressing that it’s already gone – that fresh warmer air.
Oh well. We will find more adventure this weekend regardless of the cold so – stay tuned. And have a great weekend.

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Remember our trip to Cornwall CT back in this post during Memorial Day? How lush and green everything was when it was the beginning of summer?

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