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.. then came the colder winds, and blew the leaves all away.

Oh well, it was so nice while it lasted.  One blustery but sunny day in Kissena Park in Queens, we got to walk around and enjoy all the color before it all blew down.  Autumn is so brief this year, and yet it came late (first week of November).  Our cheeks were rosy and kids were tired after being blown around on their scooters, and then daylight savings time ended and we all got a good night’s sleep.

How is your week going?



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Remember we ran into Smorgasburg here and here? The Smorgasburg trend is spreading … and we are glad it is! We gorged on chicken and waffles (Uncle Anthony’s idea) – some fish and chips for the kids, steak sandwiches and shrimp spring rolls. Washed it all down with mango lemonade – yum! – and then on to more scooting. We are hoping that by showing them all this good food, they’ll crave some more and will come back again and visit.






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We love Flushing Meadow Park – a park that may be on the verge of shrinking due to some controversial plans for tennis expansion.

It’s a quiet old place with the remnants of the World’s Fair looming just beyond where the more utilized US Open area is. The kids love to scoot around the globe. The Queens Museum of Art is nearby so we can duck in to warm our toes and check out the panorama of the city, and the vintage World’s Fair paraphernalia.

photo 4-5

photo 4-6

photo 3-5

photo 3-6

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5-1

photo 2-4

photo 5

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photo 4-3

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