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Ah to be by the sea… only this time we were “virtually” IN THE OCEAN via the magic of VDR and other cool affects at the National Geographic Ocean show.  I have to admit, I thought this show at the NY Hall of Science was slicker as we felt like it was wayyyyy more interactive than this Nat Goe show.  But the VR movie at the end is amazing .. when we got swallowed by a whale! IMG_9820


down the escalator into the sea



playing with virtual sea lions



The VR movie of being eaten by a whale was the best!


Ezra enjoys some Nat Geo reads


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Did it seem like it was winter just a day or 2 ago?  That’s how it goes here in NYC – cold to hot.  Usually we like to enter this museum (AMNH) for all the great science exhibits but on a day as hot as this one… the sprinklers outside are just too enticing!

Meanwhile Louie has taken to lounging wherever it’s cool and Zoe is finding more creative reading spots:


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WSF always has an indoor event where we can visit multiple tables and learn about various fun science tips and facts!  Once again we dragged grandma along (although she was easy to convince to come) to see how gravity works, how to engineer pedestals that withstand earthquakes and recreate the ‘glide’ of a flying squirrel.  Best of all we got to bump into E and Z’s dad while he worked (and sometimes stand in as models if he needed) –


creating a parachute man and watching him fly out of the chute!


Zoe tries her ‘flying squirrel’ made of fabric and popsicle sticks


and of course, pink tape


giant patterned blocks


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Once again E and Z’s dad was hired to shoot a week of fun science events around the city, and we had grandma in to help with staying on top of things while parents were working like crazy.  The WSF had some great outdoor activities – like exploring the water life around our local park (Gantry), as well as an amazing Star Gazing event later in the evening in Brooklyn! I think we were wiped out after a whole day of activity but were happy we could show grandma the ropes on the WSF!



grandma helping us fish the east river!



Ezra under his night umbrella while star gazing


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E and Z’s dad has been shooting for the World Science Festival for awhile now, and this year they’ve decided to do some ‘satellite’ Cities of Science exhibits to spread the interest over all 5 boroughs!    As always the kids love this hands-on approach to learning new things about brains, gravity, and motion.  Here are a few shots of the fun via my own camera!


photo 1

turns out Zoe really likes learning about brains!

photo 2photo 3


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Pardon my mad dash to post as many pix as I can before the year is out, but clearly I’ve lagged on doing anything blog oriented this holiday season! And I have a camera full of memories to share. We went to another Red Chair show at the Skirball Center – this time we saw Doktor Kaboom and his hilarious and informative experiments on getting Santa down a chimney, how to make reindeer fly. Unfortunately much of Dr Kaboom’s equipment didn’t arrive during his travels, but he did manage to throw together a hovercraft made from a shower curtain and leaf blower that carried a little girl across the stage! We got to go back stage and meet him in person, and other fans wished him a happy birthday.








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Now that we are back to the snowy grind of NYC, we find ourselves trying to find things to do indoors again. The New York Hall of Science has an Eco House exhibit out in their parking lot that supplied lots of info on how to save energy in your home. And a Summer Camp Fair in the lower level was already getting us excited for warmer weather. Of course Zoe cannot resist a face painting (or wearing her princess dress out for a museum day) and Ezra LOVES building with dowels. The boy will make you a bridge if you ask him to…

photo 4

photo 5

photo 5[1]

photo 2[1]

photo 3

photo 3[1]

photo 3[2]

photo 5[3]

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