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Over the weekend we did something crazy – we flew to San Francisco for a cousin’s Bat Mitzvah and I’m STILL shocked at how well the kids handled it all. Even waking this a.m. in time for school and everything. I’m waiting for them to crumble from lack of sleep and overload of excitement – because it was all a bit of a whirlwind tour.
The 6 hour flight over went well and – despite Zoe insisting on snuggling with me for most the flight – I was able to take shots of the Rockies and random crop circles below (check out these closeups). Basically this east coast girl was in shock at how uninhabited most of the western US is (I usually fly in the opposite direction, to Europe)! It was like flying over the moon when we flew over the desert. I’m so accustomed to seeing dots of cities everywhere — so for me, this was fascinating.






I do wish she would enjoy her own seat...

I do wish she would enjoy her own seat…

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