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More often than not, don’t you feel like you get to relive your own childhood when you spend summers with kids? So far it’s been firefly catching and visits to a boat house – and Muscoot Farm (I hope to post those photos next). What else will summer bring? It’s already going too fast – 4th of July is nearly here and I don’t even know what happened to May and June. Can you find the firefly hunters in the dark in the photo below?

photo 2

photo 3


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I am back to work and somewhat crazed … and for a first time in awhile I find myself lagging on doing some blog posts. This is one that I’ve been meaning to post – before the leaves turn color and this summery set of photos looks dated and obsolete. For Ezra’s birthday we often ask his grandparents to give him an ‘experience’ (since NYC apartments can barely fit important things, let alone an excess of toys from well meaning relatives.) For Ezra’s birthday his grandparents gave him a late summer gift – and took him to rent a remote controlled sail boat at Central Park. I’ve always wanted to do this with him; a peaceful park activity that taught him ‘wind power’ and reminded us of a fun scene in the Stuart Little movie (where Stuart races a boat in the same location.)
The weather here is breezy and perfect – we hope it is where you are too! Have a good weekend.

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This quiet little sleepy area resembles Governors Island a bit – except that it’s clear that the fire department of New York likes to ‘practice’ in some of the buildings here so some houses are singed and battered. Like Governors it is open to bikes, pedestrians and scooters more often than to cars. There are amazing views of Throg’s Neck bridge from most of the main streets and a great playground for kids. We plan on having a few more picnics at this sweet location (which is right here in Queens) before the weather gets any cooler ..

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