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One of my great regrets in life may be that I never was able to have a house with a large enough yard to accommodate Ezra’s undying love for these kid ATVs. His friend had one years ago, and Ezra got hooked on driving it around and around a large yard. He came home to the city and I think he fantasized about driving it to school — picking up friends as he rode along. Now he’s almost too large – note his knees coming up so high – yet he loves riding. While we were in Boston for cousin Paul’s birthday even Zoe and Sophia got hooked! And I love how well the girls play with each other – cousins born just 6 months apart.









ladybug girl with Bubby

ladybug girl with Bubby


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While in the Rochester area we checked out this farm for some autumn fun… because fall just isn’t FALL without some pumpkin picking and doughnut eating, am I right? There were a lot of play horses and things to ride on, a giant slide off of a mountain of hay, and don’t even get me started on the doughnuts (and warm cider!)
We loved it – although we could’ve done without Corny the Clown soaking us with his tractor hose in 40 degree rainy weather at the end of our visit. I now see where my fear of clowns comes from.

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