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Here are 21 things NYC parents have no shame about – as per TimeOut.com. Should I be embarrassed or proud that a lot of this rings true? Would you local mammas agree (or older moms, is it just the same as it ever was?)


NYC is the best place to raise a family, and here, being a mom or dad is tougher than it looks (and comes with plenty of things you just don’t have time to feel shameful about)! Here are just a few of the funny things you brush off your shoulders while raising the little ones (including, but not limited to, being covered in boogers, planning mommy meetups at a cocktail bar and piling kids three-deep in a stroller).

1. Going (unshowered) to Sunday brunch with the kids in tow because really, mommy just needs a mimosa and a pile of syrup-drenched French toast.

2. Changing a diaper anywhere. ANYWHERE. Like a ninja!

3. Essentially being a bag lady/gent between the diapers, wipes, backpack of small toys and even your own stuff (if you remember to bring it).

4. Just giving up and ordering an Uber when you can’t freaking deal with the stroller for one more second.

5. Quickly brushing off a dirty pacifier on your sleeve before giving it back to your kid. It will only make their immune system stronger…right?

6. Letting your kids play catch in the middle of the street, because where else are they supposed to do it?

7. Suggesting the local bar as the site for the next Mommy/Daddy Group meetup just so you can have a beer.

8. Getting Shake Shack for dinner three nights in a row because the kids begged and you didn’t have the heart to say no.

9. Using your sleeve, dress, pants, etc as a rag on the reg and accepting the fact that you’ve become a human tissue.

10. Offering your kids an extra hour on Minecraft before bedtime so you can veg out and watch the Game of Thrones episode you missed on Sunday.

11. Borrowing your friend’s go-to babysitter in a moment of desperation (and secretly hoping she comes back/likes your kids better). Okay, a teeny tiny bit of shame…

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Lots happening here these days. I got some work with this amazing organization, which feels so very morally glamorous. When it rains, it pours (work) in the summer time when it comes to publishing life. It’s bittersweet because as much as I love my work, I also love hanging with the kids when they are out of school. At least – this summer – they have an alley full of kids to play with. In fact, I feel a tiny bit ignored when I do come home and they are frolicking with everyone else except me! But it’s a great thing – it reminds me of when I was young and could just bang out the back door and play with friends until the next meal time.

Here are some pix from ptrotto and inaseow instagram – Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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Zoe and Mia think this dog Zeek is a living doll

Zoe and Mia think this dog Zeek is a living doll

Ice cream parties are already starting!

Ice cream parties are already starting!

sweet Hazel in her crown

sweet Hazel in her crown

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