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We had a rare and wonderful opportunity to go to the circus one rainy afternoon (thanks to Ezra’s friend Brad, and family). We’ve been to the circus before but it’s a kid pleaser whenever we go. This one in particular kept the kids engrossed with dogs doing tricks, pretty white horses parading around the ring, and a troupe of stunt bikers from China with excellent costumes! The NY Daily News raved “The new edition of the 35-year-old circus known for a single ring and audience-friendly intimacy is filled with polished acts and fun facts.” No lions, no elephants and no shooting anyone out of a canon. It just goes to show that when it comes to kids, sometimes less is more.











Photos 7 and 8 from bigapplecircus.com

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Now that summer is in full swing we were back to the lake. Our friends’ Cornwall house is perfect for scavenger hunts and barbecues – and even a brief spell of rain didn’t deter us. We made a blanket fort at the lake house and Ezra and friends enjoyed an over-flowing drain pipe until the sun was back out again.

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Lately we’ve been having a lot of rain, and Zoe and I have had to pass the hours (between leaving her brother at school and collecting him again at 2:30) indoors. She discovered that she loves playing hide-and-seek – and finds the most hysterical hiding spots. And of course the afternoon is usually punctuated with one long, lovely deep nap. I’m sure she’s going to give up napping soon so I had to get a photo of her sleeping .. as a reminder of how nice rainy-day-siestas are.
Here’s her favorite hiding spot as of late. She often forgets to hide her feet:

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My son affectionately calls this museum the ‘yellow museum’ because of its yellow facade. It’s the best place to land on a rainy day, and we’ve had a lot of those this week!
The kids love hanging in the ‘Brooklyn’ zone with its play bus, African market, international food shop and Ezra cannot get enough of the pizza making in the play pizza shop. There is a great water play area in the toddler zone (although Ezra and kids his age still seem to be allowed too) and plenty of sweet nooks where kids can quietly enjoy a fish tank while relaxing. Zoe loved the dress up area and the ‘sand box’ garden filled with bits of cork (less messy than sand somehow) with its puffy faux vegetables to plant.

Have a sunny weekend!

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Ask any New Yorker with kids and they will probably cite this museum as their go-to option when the weather is dreary. It is the most popular kid museum in the city, and because it’s so huge you never really feel like tickets will sell out or that they will run out of space. Of course ever since it appeared in a 2006 movie (Night at the Museum) it’s become even more popular. I hear there are sleep-over nights for kids who want to mimic the movie – but for now Ezra and Zoe LOVE the Discovery Room. This quiet little zone allows the little ones to get off their feet after hiking through this massive building – and Ezra is bananas about playing ‘paleontologist’ while brushing away sand on the pretend fossils. The dinosaur bone puzzle is a treat and there’s an area with a display tree where kids can rummage through boxes and explore bugs and plant matter. Of course we always tend to favor the giant whale room and it’s displays of sea life, and the Hall of Biodiversity. Some day we will actually make it back upstairs to the dinosaur exhibit.

Hey Zoe is enjoying this too now!

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A new indoor playground – Kids Play House – just opened up in Astoria. I’ve been there before with Zoe but couldn’t wait to get back there with Ezra. We met some other Astoria friends there on a Friday afternoon and had a great time. For $7 per child we could let them play there all day. And the guys who run Kids Play House are always friendly and helpful. It’s an easy place to drop in with the kids when the weather gets bad outdoors but you still need a place for the kids to run off their after school energy.

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