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Some little 7 year old lady had a bit of a ‘camping, donut decorating, s’mores’ themed birthday party that was cozy and fun!  We moved the furniture around so that we could accommodate a tent with holiday lights, as well as room for small tables to decorate donuts on. We played ‘pin the cherry on the ice cream’ and had the guests decorate a giant card for Zoe when they first arrived.  And of course a game of Twister in the mix doesn’t hurt either!
Happy 7th birthday gorgeous little gal!


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Before spring break Zoe had the sweetest ballet recital. It took some convincing to get her to tone down her hair accessories and to wear only pink (and not gold and purple too). The teachers did some of their own dancing at the end and awarded their students with little bags of ballet treats, books, stickers and a tiara each!
There were some shy girls that got a little too fearful to get up and dance – but Zoe was there, pressing on with her older friend Ruby. The show must go on!











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I forget that Zoe is new to some things. Even though this is her third winter (ever) she has only just recently realized SNOW. She is also a bit obsessed with her birthday and has been asking ever since late spring when her party is gonna happen – my answer? ‘In the winter, when it SNOWS.’ So now that we’ve had an early snowfall (early by NYC standards) she is especially excited by snow, even though she still has to wait 2 more months for her birthday. Ezra has always been a little indifferent about these things, but being the first child we would put him out in the first snow fall with so much enthusiasm. We’d wait for his reaction to all that cold, white, good stuff – and we’d be disappointed by his lack of interest or worse, by a wail indicating that he didn’t like the stuff at all and wanted to go inside. So I was completely surprised when I heard Zoe’s giggles from the stroller (as I tried to roll her over a couple mounds of snow this morning en route to Ezra’s school) and she begged to come out and ‘crunch on it’ (her words). She kept saying “I having fun!” and yelled at the plow for taking ‘her snow’ away. And several times she exclaimed “I so happy!” but I could swear she at least once said “I snow happy!”

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