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I found these older photos in my camera and nearly didn’t blog about them. You can see that it’s spring and the leaves look like new fuzz on the trees. Zoe was still sporting her cozy stockings. But now that Ezra is almost done with school (one last day to go) I found this little spring-time ‘date’ alone with Zoe to be so much more meaningful. While Ezra was at school, this day could be all about Zoe and her love of animals and her desire to pat a horse or cow daily. You would think this would be hard to come by in the big city, but then I realized Central Park is chalk full of horses feeding by the Plaza Hotel. And only steps away the petting zoo in Central Park has sheep and a fun alpaca to feed. Best of all – I was able to show Zoe the ‘polar bear’s tushy’ (as she likes to call it). I’m not lying when I say I’ve tried FOR YEARS to get Ezra to see this when we visited the zoo … and either the polar bear wouldn’t swim near the glass, or Ezra would grow bored and melt down. Finally I got a shot of the bear’s wonderful feet on the glass – a moment I always wanted to share with a child since it brings the kid out of any viewer when it happens.

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Whew! Spring Break and traveling is over … but the weather here had been SO amazing that we just could not seem to justify hanging out indoors. (At least not until temps dropped this week.) Of course Zoe is not only obsessed with the little sister of Ezra’s friend Lea (asking ‘see Mia?’ every morning when she wakes up) but she also now has a thing about patting animals or just seeing live animals in general. So with that fueling us – we took a short trip to our local Queens Zoo. I have to say – I was hugely impressed with this little zoo. I think I’ve spent so much more time at the larger zoos (Bronx) and had been frustrated with how distant the animals are. (As much as I love to see them roam freely it can be rough pointing out a camouflaged animal to a toddler for the first time.) The Queens Zoo seems to have exhibits that are built around the viewer’s paths, without trapping the animals in small pens. And what an amazing aviary they have! Just a walk on the inside of the dome was great – and viewing birds in their habitats was a bonus as well. There’s a petting zoo at the end, and a fun playground area with a migration theme that got my little birds ready to fly home (only 30 blocks from us by bus or train.) Thanks to Lea and Mia for reminding us of this local fun!

Sadly this big guy frightened Zoe away!

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Nothing is better than visiting this beautiful zoo when it’s in full bloom during the spring time. It is however extremely crowded when Easter and Passover fall on the same weekend, and spring break is starting for school kids. Finding parking on the local streets was surprisingly easy – especially on weekends. Aside from seeing all sorts of animals there’s also a great petting area with cows, a Prairie Playground, some dinosaur bones and even a giant pizza to climb on!


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