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Not only does this family know how to glamp, but they throw a pretty great summer Luau party too!

The Martens had us greeted with ladies holding fresh flower leis at the front, tiki sculptures around the pool, pineapple infused vodka drinks and great food in the back .. oh and of course, more swinging around in the aerialist’s trapeze swing like during Halloween’s party!

Thanks again for a great time Barbara and Sean! (and thx Barbara for some IG pix!)

Feeling a bit like Fantasy Island right from the start: IMG_8225IMG_8227

Sean prepping:Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 11.20.17 AM

and keeping the poolside fires going: IMG_2812

so much yummy food!


and specialty drinks

IMG_2792IMG_8276Liquid courage makes the trapeze more appealing: IMG_2816


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Can you believe it’s already been a full year?  I can’t.

We are always excited to get out to see Carl and Tricia and now… new Angelo.  His first birthday was amazing; with hours of food and fun in the pool.  I think Angelo enjoyed smashing his cake more than anything else going on … happy birthday delicious little man!


my brother chatting with clients and friends


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.03.19 PM



a pool during summer parties: dreamy


“hmmm what’s dat?”


“me like!”



Bubby and her 5 sweet grandkids

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Ha ha ha… I thought all our holiday activity would be over after Hanukkah, but somehow the December festivities just kept going this year. Our neighbor had an open house on Christmas Eve where my husband and I had a ‘mistletoe photo opp’, and then friends in Astoria had a little Secret Santa gift swap for the kids.  Shortly after this, another neighbor asked my husband to pose as Santa at midnight Christmas eve (although he’s not certain the kids involved were convinced, he had a good time trying)! We joke that this was one (of a few) holiday mitzvahs that we did this year.
The weather was so unseasonably warm that crocuses and tulips are cropping up around the neighbors’  lawn holiday decorations.
It’s been a unique December, that’s for sure!







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I am posting tonight and tomorrow morning in-between a flurry of graduations this week. Ezra has a graduation ceremony and show on Friday, and Zoe’s was earlier this week. When did this girl get so big? With her own birthday and graduation parties to go to .. I barely recognize this social little bunny –









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I remember back when I was younger and kid-less — I would say I was going to ‘do things with my kids’ that I thought no one else thought to do. Then I became a parent and saw all the reasons WHY you don’t drag your kids to art gallery openings, rave parties, dinner time concerts in Central Park etc. Basically because children don’t tolerate these things well and they will most likely melt down and make your life a little hellish. We are lucky that our kids are somewhat easy going at these things but – let’s face it – if you think back to when you were 2, 4, 6 or 8 years old; didn’t you hate doing ‘adult things’? Throw in the fact that it may be happening around dinner or bed time, the crowd is loud and filled with adults, there’s nothing to touch and play with or the weather is hot and lines are long — you got a couple of cute ticking time bombs on your hands. Which makes the adults a bit anxious.

Thankfully the MoMA PS1 Warm Up is something that my kids can handle for about an hour or so. It’s really packed with (and geared to) the young, college-age art school crowd who get to drink in the sun, dance like it’s a rave, and try on some gourmet food at the food stands inside (we even found raw oysters for sale). And thankfully it starts at 3 pm. It also usually has some kind of enjoyable water feature to keep everyone cool – so that’s a plus for kids. But generally I wouldn’t recommend it for all kids. It’s virtually impossible to move around with a stroller in the gravel in the museum courtyard, and the ramps to the museum are reserved for VIP access. Security never seems thrilled to see us there – BUT I was approached by a couple of typsy college students who assured me that when THEY have kids they’re gonna do ‘cool stuff like this with their kids’. Uh huh. I’ve heard that before.

If this place looks familiar… it’s because we were just here when the weather was cooler and the courtyard was empty.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

glad he had his bathing suit

glad he had his bathing suit

the crowd gets misted from time to time

the crowd gets misted from time to time

giant bags of water seem to activate on a timer and shoot out a spritz of water to the folks below

giant bags of water seem to activate on a timer and shoot out a spritz of water to the folks below

it really helped that Zoe slept through all of this

it really helped that Zoe slept through all of this

stopping for oysters inside

stopping for oysters inside

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Kids in costumes and hamantashen … I can’t get enough of either!

Queen Esther and King Mordecai

Queen Esther and King Mordecai











don't eat me!

don’t eat me!

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We went back to our friend’s house for a fun halloween party. This time it wasn’t snowing (like last year) so we were able to whack candy out of a skull piñata outdoors. Then we fished for prizes in the bathtub and got to show off Halloween costumes (although Ezra quickly shed his in order to play ‘pin the spider on the web’). This week of ‘no school and all candy’ is drawing to a close soon I think. I wonder how the kids will cope with next week’s return to routine? And daylight savings time this weekend?

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