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because as I’ve said before, we’ve had the coldest winter ever and my heart still swells with joy when I realize my kiddos are outside without coats. Such a beautiful day!


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We are basically sun starved and craving outdoor time after such a ruthless winter. So nothing could be better than finding a new park to explore in Queens! Hunter’s Point South Park looks over the water from LIC towards the city – so we can see the Empire State building and Chrysler building while we play.









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Before the trees go bare, we got to Central Park to climb on rocks and enjoy the turning leaves. The first is a photo of the park from my office… from overhead I could see that patchwork of tree foliage and had to get the kids there before the colder weather comes. This past weekend was so temperate that the kids could still remove their shoes and hang in the sandbox! I love Central Park this time of year when it reminds me of a scene out of a Woody Allen movie. So magical.







you can see the office building I work in here, with its diamond shaped windows!

you can see the office building I work in here, with its diamond shaped windows!








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That lovely triangle of grass in the corner of Lincoln Center is urban kid heaven – hill, lawn and steps all in one. And then a romp in the fountain makes the day complete.











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Our friends told us about this pretty town just a little outside of New York City where we could hike and – as the day wore on and the weather got warmer – we could even hit the beach! Ezra loved using his ‘walking with 2 sticks’ technique while hiking, and Zoe just had to carry a sparkly handbag into the woods (which I later discovered she had filled with acorns, twigs, bug balls and the like.) We even found a turtle making his way across our path while we crossed a stream! He hid out in his shell so well, we nearly used him as a stepping stone. When we got to the beach outside of Rye Playland we realized we had done this ‘October beaching’ thing before – see our post from last year.

The beautiful iphone photos (on the rocks, and last photo) are by Ina Seow:

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Of course, no trip to DUMBO is complete without a ride on Jane’s Carousel – right outside of the playground. Really, does is get any more magical than this restored 1920s carousel in a giant glass box on the water?

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Now that the weather has been so spring-like (so soon!) and we are all feeling a bit better, it’s been an ideal time to check out some neighborhood playgrounds after school. We had heard about a new reno at Elmhurst Park (also known as Gas Tank Park) which is built on the former site of an unsightly and environmentally unfriendly gas-storage facility. (Don’t worry: The gas company cleaned up the area before selling it to the city for $1.)
We love the paths leading to a large mound of grass in the back of the park – where kids were flying kites and enjoying some rarely available green space.
Three stationery bicycles are apparently linked to a power storage center, so that by pedaling kids should be able to generate enough electricity to turn on nearby lights. They didn’t seem to be fully working yet — but we love the idea of kids generating power for the rest of the playground! Ezra loved riding in one place on his ‘motorcycle’ —

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We had an unseasonably warm week – getting up to 70 degrees, which is so rare in March. We thought we’d get to the playground at Gantry but in the end we also did some kite flying behind the Pepsi Cola sign with the really warm breezes off the East River. I love the view of Manhattan behind Ezra and his kite. And I couldn’t help but document Zoe’s love of her frog boots – put on backwards of course – now that she insists on doing everything herself.
Have a great weekend!

behind Ezra is the United Nations and Chrysler building

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