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I had to travel to Philly for work for a few days.  Why am I still so bad at leaving my kids, dog and husband?  The trip was a bit grueling in that I missed them all .. but Rittenhouse Square is an area I hadn’t seen much of before.  What cute streets and alleys!  And there is a mural walking tour that I must see the next time I go…


quite the music zone outside my hotel door





co-workers relaxing in swing chairs


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I’ve been depressed that August is drawing to a close. I can’t believe how quickly this summer is passing – and kids are going to be in school again soon. Although honestly it’s almost better to have them in school while we work on our new house. I’m afraid they’ve seen wayyyyyy too much of Home Depot this summer.

In these last weeks we’ve been trying to see more of friends (who are now out of day camp). A little game of Twister, a trip to South Street Seaport. We went to the Imagination Playground downtown, where kids are encouraged to use giant blue foamy blocks to create something together. I wish school could be like this for the kids .. instead of books and sitting still, some time to work in teams and create something. At least we can get them to this once in awhile – while the weather is still nice.

photo 1[1]

photo 2

photo 4

photo 5
Yup, even E and Z’s dad likes to dig here.

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Every year this park (located near the last Queens apartment that we lived in) hosts a Kite Flight – where kids are invited to make a kite, and then fly it. This year the kite instruction was a bit complex and in ernest mostly parents were making kites for kids… but it was great to get to Socrates Sculpture Garden filled with kites and see the lush gardens blooming along the edge of the park.





some cool graphics to glue to our kites

some cool graphics to glue to our kites





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As I suspected here, we were destined to try on yet another science museum during our travels. I thought we’d revisit the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum which we love – but we found ourselves heading to West Palm and found the South Florida Science Museum instead. We loved the parks around this museum. We even did some of our photoshoot at Dreher Park (see Ezra by the banyan trees in the banner on this website). We loved the yellow submarine at the entrance of the museum, and inside there were a lot of dinosaur bones and sea life in tanks. I even got to see a live sea horse for the first time ever! South Florida Science was a bit older and dustier than Fort Lauderdale Science, but there were lots of exhibits that kids could touch and play with – which made it a great way to spend an overcast day in the end.

E and Z's cousin Tali explored the kid's research zone...

A dino got my baby!

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