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It’s the season for pumpkins again, yes? We learned this time around to NOT put our pumpkins out too early though … last year the squirrels ran off with one, and ate as much of it as they could. But eating everything flavored with pumpkin is my favorite past time… so I kind of understand.
















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My husband and I like to celebrate a little earlier (or later) than Valentine’s Day, in order avoid all the chaos of the actual holiday (battling for reservations and dealing with over-decorated restaurants with mediocre ‘prix fix’ menus is not for us). This year we discovered Butcher Bar in Astoria – where even my mostly vege-pescatarian husband was tempted by great smoked meat. The Beef Candy sandwich was amazing – I’m already craving another.
Enjoy your weekend and happy Valentine’s Day!







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Hi there. My office is hoping to see some more gorgeous Real Women Style – wanna submit some photos of yourself (or yourself with your kids)? We want to see your style! Go to http://www.redbookmag.com/beauty-fashion/real-woman-style-awards and enter by March 11!

Look at this chic mom and daughter pair… love the dots!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 10.28.50 AM

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Zoe discovered that ‘doll museum‘ that I was talking about! Hopefully she won’t figure out that you can actually buy the dolls.. there are just too many to choose from!


And some ‘Disney museum’ perhaps?



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Whenever we are a little bored it is easy enough for us to visit a skinny little island that lies between Manhattan and Queens. Best of all, it has a little tram that is the most exciting mode of transportation for the under 6 year old set. We took a ride on it and viewed some busy streets of Manhattan. Then we rode back to Roosevelt island and stopped for ice cream – enjoying the plentiful fields of grass there.

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Although it’s not quite the one year anniversary of EzraZoe blog, we are getting near to it. And my very first blog post was one on Ezra’s birthday — so when Ezra turned 6 last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think of these photos and how big he and his friends (and sister) have grown since only last summer! This year Ezra wanted to do something low key and intimate for his birthday – and we were so happy to oblige. On the night before his 6th birthday we poured over his ‘5th Birthday Book’ that I made for him last summer, and talked about how much he’s grown. I made him cupcakes with cars on top (still an Ezra favorite) after putting he and Zoe to sleep, and got his gifts ready for the next morning. He was so excited to wake to his special solar panel gift in the morning — yes, he’s obsessed with solar power lately and plans on designing solar powered cars when he grows up. What curiosity will be next?

Just a tip – to make the best ongoing gift for your kid’s birthday simply print out photos from birth on, staple them together and write something memorable (or simple) on each page. It’s a gift that kids never tire of … a book about themselves!

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I went to Boston to take my dad out for his 82nd birthday. My brother and I drove up and we stuffed my dad full of Peruvian food (surprisingly this was my dad’s idea – he usually doesn’t stray far from Italian cuisine), then we poured over old photos and had a great time. For the first time in years I had 8 straight hours of sleep through the night – which was amazing – but seeing photos of tiny Zoe and Ezra around grandpa’s house did make me real anxious to get back home to the kids.

Here’s the handsome devil now and shots of him in the army about 60 years ago:
Here's the handsome devil today

and of course, his collection of grandchildren photos (Zoe left, Ezra upper right):

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