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We were back at the Museum of Modern Art seeing the Matisse exhibit – although frankly on weekends the exhibit is too crowded for kids. Instead we stopped in to the kid friendly Cut Out workshop going on near the media center, and explored our “Matisse selves” with paper and fabric:









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Ezra doesn’t like art much … which has always appalled me. I’ve been drawn to art for as long as I can remember. I could draw and paint and sculpt all my hours and days away if I was allowed to, so to have a kid who feels like he could take it or leave it – well I often wonder if he really did come from my own gene pool.

So when Ezra was telling me that he was making a puppet in school with his artist-in-residence teacher, he told me with great reluctance – insisting that he was making a mess of it, that everyone told him he was taking too long to create it. When I finally went to his art show/puppet show I was SHOCKED to find him holding the most detailed, intricate little face on a paper dress – AND he was the show’s director! He took so easily to talking into a microphone to the audience (of 3 grades of kids, and all their parents) and then proceeded to change his voice when he made his puppet talk. He guided his other puppeteers/students around, and narrated the story. I think he was being very modest when he told me his puppet was a mess, as it was the most beautifully detailed little nose and mustached puppet I’ve ever seen!

the proud puppet maker

the proud puppet maker

photo 3

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No trip to Boston is complete without my dad wanting to bring us to S&S Restaurant in Inman Square. I couldn’t help but take some photos of the shops around Inman Square – mainly Boutique Fabulous at 1309 Cambridge Street and the quirky little bookstore next door (Lorem Ipsum) with the excellent window display. Boutique Fabulous had seriously cute pendant lamps that were vintage and then others that were more affordable paper lanterns. And they have a selection of incredible petticoats made of tulle that made me want to get into a tutu with Zoe for Halloween some year.

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