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While we were out by the beach we finally got a chance to explore this garden and home.  It is usually closed when we are out there, but somehow we landed on a day where the grounds were open to the public.  The artist and writer Robert Dash use to live here and apparently we were able to meet his sweet dog – Barnsley – who barks when you LEAVE the premises, but not when you arrive!


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Every Sunday, Ezra plays drums with this cool band at Jazz Standard .  And every Sunday we have a few hours to hang out in Manhattan waiting for his show to start at 2 pm (free for everyone who wants to come by and see them perform!)


On this particularly cold Sunday, we went further downtown to the new Whitney space to check out the Andy Warhol exhibit with Zoe.  I thought I had seen all the Warhol pieces there were to see (think: Campbell’s Soup Can or Marilyn Monroe) – but I was so pleased to see the curator added some rarely seen pieces that we could enjoy.  I love his early drawings of shoes… and apparently Zoe does too!



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Hello winter. You are awfully long.

Good thing us NYC kids got some great museums to go to – to take away the winter blas with some color (rather than fly off to somewhere tropical, not always possible!) We spent a dreary gray day at the MoMA and loved the explosion of color. I love seeing all the really young art enthusiasts… my kids are not alone in their love of art, that’s for sure!

Have a great weekend.
This Frantisek Kupka painting should brighten your mood:

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I’ve been dying to get to this beautiful new museum – constructed on farm land and made (in my opinion) to look like a grand, elegant barn full of contemporary art. It was fun sending the kids on an art scavenger hunt on a rainy afternoon —

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag








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Ezra and Zoe have a very talented ‘zia Maria’. Not only is she a great photographer (who incidentally photographed our wedding), but has now started a line of products with her whimsically painted women on them! She shows her “SERIES OF PASTEL DRAWINGS BASED ON THE INSPIRATION OF THE FEMALE IMAGE” at Cafe Nadery in the West Village – and the opening is this coming Thursday, October 10th 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Please stop by, or check out her website at by-mg.com!

The lovely artist herself, surrounded by some of her creations:



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