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Open House means open art studios… the smell of fresh paint and art studios takes me back to the smell of college!  I love it! And all those huge industrial windows filling rooms with sunlight… what’s not to like?  We love seeing artists use these squishy, spikey rubber balls as a paintbrush of sorts – such a fun use of a stress ball!


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Remember the Children’s Museum of Art? Hard to believe I was just posting that ‘Zoe is finally big enough to enjoy this place’ and now .. I fear both my kids are starting to transition out of the big room full of flubber, crayons and tiny chairs. BUT they did still love painting and making clay-mation characters in the stop-action claymation room. And we loved the exhibit on book art!



kids making maps by tracing on a lightbox



always game to paint!


has his sensitive artist face going here..


so much book art!


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In East Hampton NY lies the house that painter Jackson Pollock and his prolific painting wife, Lee Krasner, bought in 1945 for $5,000. Pollock’s art dealer, Peggy Guggenheim, loaned him the down payment of $2,000 in exchange for artwork.  It came with this protected land and stellar view of an inlet – now a bit overgrown with trees on the edge:


It also has a little barn-studio out back and best of all, this move to the ‘country’ took Jackson away from the temptations and stresses of frenetic city life.  He was able to quit drinking and stay clean for 2 years .. possibly the most productive period in his life.

It’s pretty amazing to be in the room where it all happened:IMG_9591Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 4.19.06 PM Lee Krasner at work

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.58.49 PM

and Jackson flinging paint


Pollock and Krasner reused everything. They used old masonite game boards given to them by Jackson’s brother as flooring in the barn studio. After Krasner’s death, the boards were removed and the original floor, covered in splattered paint, was visible. (We all got some fun slippers to walk over the floor – as you can see it’s a Pollock underfoot!)

(this pix and info from nicolevismara.com)

Krasner outlived Pollock. Everything in the house is original and intact as it was at the time of her death, including their books and Pollock’s record collection.


What never ceases to amaze is how much Krasner and Peggy Guggenheim supported and fostered Pollock’s creativity, even when his alcoholism threatened to get in the way.

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Another dad from the alley is the artistic director of the Metropolis Ensemble – who took part in the Drifting in Daylight show at Central Park. I haven’t seen this part of the park in a long time, and we were all taken aback by how beautiful and peaceful it is only a few feet into the greenery from the street. Multiple artists had their work within walking distance from each other and the Metropolis Ensemble played on the boat the S.S. Hangover while viewers enjoyed the music from the shore.

More about Creative Times Drifting in Daylight and the artists:
-The SS Hangover and Ragnar Kjartansson info here.
-Solar paneled ice cream truck info here.
-The sphere that takes messages to heaven (according to Ezra) info is here.
-Re-enacting ‘Bullets over Broadway’ info is here.
-Tri-paneled painting info is here.


photo 2


photo 1


photo 5



photo 4

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Meeting new neighbors in our alley has been great, but even more enriching when you discover there are some artist dads on the block! Local dad and artist Nitin Mukul had his show at the Consulate General of India, NYC – allowing us not only to view his work, but to hang at the Consulate at the same time. And we thought his paintings looked great in his home… look at them in this space!



Zoe feels like a princess on the Consulate stairs

Zoe feels like a princess on the Consulate stairs

the artist (2nd from right) takes a shot of his visitors

the artist (2nd from right) takes a shot of his visitors

love this 'chandelier' piece over the door

love this ‘chandelier’ piece over the door

photo 2

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Our kids had this nutty habit of getting in line for the lake ice cream give away… 2 hours before it started! I couldn’t believe the tenacity – normally we cannot get these kids to wait for anything! After filling up on ice cream (E loves the sorbet in a coconut shell) we can get them to relax and paint before dinner.





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We went to Brad’s nonna’s house for a little dinner. We love her upright piano and all her gorgeous paintings… thanks nonna for dinner and for a good time!

That screened in porch – I want to sleep in it. What are YOU up to this weekend?








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