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This has been a great fall for making leaf piles. We went out to New Jersey last weekend to see cousins Steven and Arianna – and it’s amazing how much pleasure my city kids can get out of a yard full of colorful leaves. What a nice departure to NOT have to worry about all the things that can be in leaf piles in the city! Have a great weekend and enjoy the last of fall’s colors – while they are here:













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For the first time ever we all slept in a tent together. On the hard ground. Under the stars. We woke up to the sound of water babbling just by our campsite – the kids can play in nature forever. We banned ipads and electronics, and the older kids discovered they liked to find low hanging branches where they’d create woodland shelters. Our campground at Rip Van Winkle in Saugerties, NY has a heated pool and hay rides at 4 pm on Saturdays to keep kids further entertained. It was a great way to start summer!



our sleeping quarters

our sleeping quarters

even the dolls have sleeping bags

even the dolls have sleeping bags


finding fun shelters

finding fun shelters






lots of critters

lots of critters


getting solar power to charge up the parents' phones

getting solar power to charge up the parents’ phones

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We went back to the Liberty Science Center in NJ and found they happened to have an exhibit on solar power – Ezra’s favorite subject! Of course we couldn’t be there and not visit the I Explore area with it’s amazing ball machine, troth of rice where kids can dig, and Climbing Challenge whose bottom level is modeled after what lives under the street (rat exhibit included!)

But really the highlight was the Solar Race Car exhibit … if I could, I would purchase the whole thing and put it in Ezra’s room. It included solar panels that he could expose to light, to stop and start individual cars. It could easily keep him occupied for hours.









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Here are some shots of Ezra and Zoe’s cousin this past weekend at Gymboree … the sweet birthday girl is now 2 years old!

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E and Z had to be in New Jersey this weekend for their cousin Sophia’s birthday party. They had their first Gymboree experience and then needed to run off the cake and sugar – so we took them to the nearby Terhune Orchards in Princeton.
We’ve been here before with the cousins in the spring and fall, but it was nice and quiet this past Saturday at about 3:30. We got a chance to ride on all the play tractors, saw an old car, and Zoe loved saying ‘good night’ to all the animals before they closed up at 5pm. It turned out to be a weekend of feeding goats.. as we visited yet another farm on the following day as well.

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We have a habit of going to science museums – I’m sure we will blog about Boston’s and some of Florida’s science museums in the months ahead. But the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey feels spacious and never crowded, and it’s full of things for kids of all ages to do. There’s even a toddler area in the bottom level with a ball maze that can entertain older siblings at the same time.
Ezra has been a bit obsessed with biology and all things ‘inside of the body’ so he loved the giant sneezing nose and the ‘veins’ and ‘intestine’ exhibit that kids can crawl through. We caught a bubble exhibit, a robot competition, and the kids even got to sport lab coats and work in a research center.
Does anyone know of a great biology exhibit for kids? We’d love to hear of more places where Ezra can learn about the body – particularly the digestive system.

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