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Remember years ago, when we went here to see young musicians before (and my kids loved eating ribs?)

Well now Ezra is actually one of the performers!

Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra is an excellent program that Ezra loves and takes part in every Sunday.  The kids practice in the a.m., then a quick break before getting right back to the stage on Sundays 2-3pm.  It’s so fun watching this group of kids grow together and work together to make the music happen.  One ‘yelp’ reviewer said it best in his review of the Sunday performances:

“As the great jazz trumpet player, Albert Camus, said, “Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” Today I saw kids showing generosity toward the future by giving all to the present–on stage at the Jazz Standard. 

I attended a kids jam session at the Jazz Standard on a Sunday at 2 PM and I believe it’s a regular gig. The kids ranged from 10-15 year old. That’s significantly above the other jazz lovers I know who range from 100-150 years old.  And the kids were terrific. Yes, they were nervous, but in the best way possible, because they couldn’t hide their passion for the music. Here’s the best part…they organized themselves, offstage and onstage without adult supervision. Another impressive part was seeing how they learned to communicate with one another and coordinate the music so it didn’t run away from them. 

The food was pretty good too featuring bbq brisket, burgers, mac and cheese and other stuff kids like. Kudos to the Jazz Standard for supporting the kids by giving them a platform at one of the world’s great jazz clubs.”

You can see a clip here on Ezra’s open instagram feed (gotta love the 2 kids tag-teaming on the piano, the one performing is only 11 ys old!)




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Our neighbor had the brilliant idea of having a show where parent bands and kid bands play .. in a duel to the death!  Just kidding – it was a peaceful playoff, with a surprising amount of ‘sportsmanship’ and I was tickled that mamma Dana even did a few songs with her band.  She had a song titled “I Don’t Want To Feed You Anymore” about how hard it is to find foods that your kid will eat.  Some of the lyrics were ‘why won’t you eat the yolk?!”  Young ones Potty Mouth and then Duchess performed, leading up to Ezra’s crew (now called ‘After School Special’) – check out this link and share it… and notice we have a new bassist (Andrew in the green tee!)


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.41.08 PM.png



6-8 year old Potty Mouth


mamma neighbor Dana from No Fun singing about feeding kids..


and about growing old and creaky

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 2.05.06 PM

and our band with their new member Andrew (in green) on bass!

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We love Ezra’s public school for all its enrichment programs – especially via the music department.  Since Ezra has been drumming for the rock band and concert band at school (see his video/moves here at the bottom of the page) he’s been able to go to City Winery and see a band prep for a show.  They got to meet the band ‘The Mountain Goats‘ and watch them warm up, and even got to ask the musicians a number of questions directly .


photo 1

the band members, waiting for the performing band!

photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

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Zoe turned 6 back in January and I was able to capture her excitement in a little movie clip, as well as her new enthusiasm for dancing (for hours!) to klezmer music, and Ezra’s progress on the drums! Enjoy..

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Remember our blog post about this great place?  Just 10-20 blocks from our home stands the home of Louis Armstrong (and Dizzy Gillespie lived nearby to here as well). E was much smaller in our previous post – but now he’s all grown up and headed there for a school field trip with the school’s concert band members.  I finally got a shot of that blue kitchen that I’m always raving about, and Ezra was able to try his hand at blowing a trumpet in the basement of Satchmo’s home!


photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5

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If you can’t give your kids an authentic music experience in NYC, then why live here in the great city of jazz? We’ve been dying to do this ever since we learned about it while at the Morris-Jumel Mansion.   We finally made it back uptown to the ‘triple nickel building’ (as Marjorie called it) – or 555 Edgecombe Ave located near 160th St in Harlem.   Marjorie opens up her own apartment for a jazz show from 4-6 pm – donations requested, and love of music required.  The kids were so well behaved and Marjorie’s piano playing so soothing on a cold Sunday afternoon.  Here is a great shot from Zoe via my iPhone, and then other great pix from placematters.net




Marjorie has snacks at the ready for the audience

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We haven’t done this much sledding in a long LONG time… I am still sore. First we had a piano recital where cousins Jake, Tals and Ezra played what they’ve been learning all autumn long. Then back out to make snow forts and play in Aunt Becca’s huge yard!









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