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Okay I know I mentioned that we’ve been having rainy weather, but when the sun did come out this summer it was GLORIOUS!

It’s nice when you can get to a museum in the summer time, that also has a ‘cooling off’ feature in its art.  This was the case with the outdoor installation titled LUMEN by Jenny Sabin Studio. Not only beautiful to experience, sit under and walk through –  but also spritzes water on you at various intervals!  The kids seemed to love this ‘sprinkler art’ – as they called it.  (Have a great weekend!)



Zoe took this amazing shot!


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We stopped in on a show that is all about how photographs are shared today, compared to how photos have been used in the past. Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography really had me reflecting on my own use of this blog and instagram… and how little photo archive I have of my own childhood compared to the mass of photos I have of my own children. Part of me always wishes I had the time to print photos and put them into albums the old fashioned way – so that the kids can access them constantly but let’s face it – I can store more images electronically in the end. Will this medium always be here or what new platform will come along?








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I’ve been dying to get to this beautiful new museum – constructed on farm land and made (in my opinion) to look like a grand, elegant barn full of contemporary art. It was fun sending the kids on an art scavenger hunt on a rainy afternoon —

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag

shot by Iwan Baan for NY Mag








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and of course that means a trip to Strong Museum! Remember this amazing place? When the weather gets fussy, it’s a great place for the kids to spend HOURS playing (photos courtesy of Karen Kessler!). Hey isn’t that a scene from Sesame Street where Zoe is standing? I thought that was here in Queens!:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 4.50.39 PM

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Here in NYC we are seeing a lot of snow … although it only added up to 7 inches and the kids didn’t get a day off for sledding as they had hoped. But on the walk home yesterday Ezra pointed to this corner and said “mamma it’s as pretty as a beautiful painting, isn’t it?”. And on that note, we did get to a couple art museums this weekend which is probably WHY he is comparing life to paintings these days. Hope to post more on that soon!

photo 2

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I love taking my kids to modern art museums. People probably assume that art museums aren’t for kids but if the pieces are modern and playful, it becomes a great place for kids to expand their minds; see how adults can create things just to fulfill their fancy or make a powerful statement. Often in modern art museums kids are allowed to touch things or move around them, making it a less frustrating experience than being told to be quiet and ‘not-touch’ all the time.

PS1 use to be a public school (hence the ‘PS’ – which is in the title of all the public schools around NYC). It’s been revamped to hold an offshoot of the MoMA – which we also love. The kids are mesmerized by the ‘lady in the floorboards’ at the entrance (a permanent video installation in the floor) – and where else can they see a room full of waterfall, stomp around in an ‘Arctic Room’ full of ice (brrr!) or simply run around the building’s old school yard where exhibits (like the geodesic dome of late) are installed?





lady in the floorboards!

lady in the floorboards!







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I love this museum … I think it’s one of my favorite things to do in DC. I’m always happy that Ezra gets as much enjoyment out of it as I do (and I think Zoe likes it too.) I’m always surprised however that what E likes the most are the colossal plane engines and motors. Who knew that his 6 year old boy questions would already baffle me? Like ‘how does this engine work’ or ‘how exactly does a rocket thrust get a rocket into the air better than propellers?’ – I already feel like I can’t accurately answer him without reading all the museum signs patiently first. (Ezra is not as patient and wonders why I don’t already know this by heart.) What’s crazy is that days after our trip to Air and Space he woke in the morning and came to my bed, telling me he had the ‘best dream ever’. I expected to hear about blue skies and romps on a beach – but instead he told me he dreamed that he and his cousin Solomon built a huge motor together, while his cousin Eve built a pink motor. I have no idea what kind of engine he dreamt of – but it’s amazing to me that it put such a smile on his face for the whole day.










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We went back to the Liberty Science Center in NJ and found they happened to have an exhibit on solar power – Ezra’s favorite subject! Of course we couldn’t be there and not visit the I Explore area with it’s amazing ball machine, troth of rice where kids can dig, and Climbing Challenge whose bottom level is modeled after what lives under the street (rat exhibit included!)

But really the highlight was the Solar Race Car exhibit … if I could, I would purchase the whole thing and put it in Ezra’s room. It included solar panels that he could expose to light, to stop and start individual cars. It could easily keep him occupied for hours.









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We made our way back to NYC after visiting grandparents in Rochester and – of course we can’t possibly sit still when there’s so much easy-to-get-to, affordable stuff to do around NYC. We hadn’t been to the Intrepid since I was pregnant with Zoe. The fighter planes on the top deck now had brand new meaning for Ezra (all sorts of new questions on ‘war’ came up) so thankfully there was a ‘kids section’ on a lower level of the ship that lightened things up a bit. We found a mini Intrepid built out of legos, Ezra met a new friend in an old space capsule, and we got to see what the dining halls and bunk beds were like when the ship was in battle.

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On the basement level of the New York Historical Society is the Dimenna Children’s History Museum – which invites ‘young detectives’ to explore a hands-on exhibit about history. We went on a quiet day when the curator there could answer all our questions and took out blocks for us to play with in the library. Ezra got a kick out of posing as a president and playing the interactive ‘Newsie‘ game that gave kids a chance to see what underage child labor had to deal with in a day on the streets of New York. And the staff got a big kick out of Zoe – who just so happened to wear her favorite frock that fit in with the overall Americana theme!

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