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Okay I know I mentioned that we’ve been having rainy weather, but when the sun did come out this summer it was GLORIOUS!

It’s nice when you can get to a museum in the summer time, that also has a ‘cooling off’ feature in its art.  This was the case with the outdoor installation titled LUMEN by Jenny Sabin Studio. Not only beautiful to experience, sit under and walk through –  but also spritzes water on you at various intervals!  The kids seemed to love this ‘sprinkler art’ – as they called it.  (Have a great weekend!)



Zoe took this amazing shot!



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This winter has left us a little stir crazy.  For a while there it seemed like our kids were starting to refuse to go out and about with us. Loving the new house and alley so much, they wanted to stick around at home more.  But then suddenly this weekend it was actually Ezra who had a strong desire to go back to my favorite museum – the MoMA!  HE actually begged us to go.  And so we did .. and enjoyed a pop art show of 60s art and culture, and Ezra even pointed out Starry Night as one he remembered as his favorite.  I guess his art classes at school are paying off..?

And he even had a trip to Carnegie Hall (thank you to the Seows) to see a chamber orchestra, and enjoyed it.  Some city culture sinking in perhaps?



enjoying Chagall


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And when it’s so cold, we’ve got lots of museum going to do!  Gotta keep it creative to keep the kids occupied (entertained is more like it) while taking in culture.

There was a weekend of revisiting the Met and PS1 shows to keep us from going stir crazy indoors –

At PS 1 Moma we found a room with shimmery streamers to enter : photo 1

and waterfalls projected on glass (Angie Keefer)!
photo 2

Lifesize momma love by artist John Ahearnphoto 4

magic corners of rooms by Mary Beth Edelson
photo 1

And batons that talk if you keep the connection (by Christine Sunkim)photo 2

And at the Met Zoe discovered a love of selfies, and proves that sometimes life really does imitate art:

photo 3photo 5

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We were back at the Museum of Modern Art seeing the Matisse exhibit – although frankly on weekends the exhibit is too crowded for kids. Instead we stopped in to the kid friendly Cut Out workshop going on near the media center, and explored our “Matisse selves” with paper and fabric:









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MAN we need to find some new stuff to do. We are revisiting the same museums – but thank goodness they have new ever-changing exhibits to be excited about! I for one cannot wait to spend more time outdoors. But the Korakrit Arunanondchai exhibit at least had some fun, giant denim cushions to sack out on. Basically the kids love any art they can touch or climb on. Check it out this weekend:











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We love the Museum of Modern Art in midtown, and especially love it for developing its kid zone/media lab in the back. The Isa Genzken Retrospective was a colorful, splashy exhibit that kept my kids entertained (as well as the parents.) If you remember we’ve been to their material lab before (see here) but this past week they revamped the space to have it focus on movement. As always Ezra loved the stop-motion animation program – and Zoe just wanted to frolick outside in the garden.

photo 2[1]

photo 1[1]

photo 5

photo 3

photo 1[3]

photo 2[2]

photo 4[1]

photo 2[3]

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I remember back when I was younger and kid-less — I would say I was going to ‘do things with my kids’ that I thought no one else thought to do. Then I became a parent and saw all the reasons WHY you don’t drag your kids to art gallery openings, rave parties, dinner time concerts in Central Park etc. Basically because children don’t tolerate these things well and they will most likely melt down and make your life a little hellish. We are lucky that our kids are somewhat easy going at these things but – let’s face it – if you think back to when you were 2, 4, 6 or 8 years old; didn’t you hate doing ‘adult things’? Throw in the fact that it may be happening around dinner or bed time, the crowd is loud and filled with adults, there’s nothing to touch and play with or the weather is hot and lines are long — you got a couple of cute ticking time bombs on your hands. Which makes the adults a bit anxious.

Thankfully the MoMA PS1 Warm Up is something that my kids can handle for about an hour or so. It’s really packed with (and geared to) the young, college-age art school crowd who get to drink in the sun, dance like it’s a rave, and try on some gourmet food at the food stands inside (we even found raw oysters for sale). And thankfully it starts at 3 pm. It also usually has some kind of enjoyable water feature to keep everyone cool – so that’s a plus for kids. But generally I wouldn’t recommend it for all kids. It’s virtually impossible to move around with a stroller in the gravel in the museum courtyard, and the ramps to the museum are reserved for VIP access. Security never seems thrilled to see us there – BUT I was approached by a couple of typsy college students who assured me that when THEY have kids they’re gonna do ‘cool stuff like this with their kids’. Uh huh. I’ve heard that before.

If this place looks familiar… it’s because we were just here when the weather was cooler and the courtyard was empty.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

glad he had his bathing suit

glad he had his bathing suit

the crowd gets misted from time to time

the crowd gets misted from time to time

giant bags of water seem to activate on a timer and shoot out a spritz of water to the folks below

giant bags of water seem to activate on a timer and shoot out a spritz of water to the folks below

it really helped that Zoe slept through all of this

it really helped that Zoe slept through all of this

stopping for oysters inside

stopping for oysters inside

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