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We got to Connecticut again to see a little nature – and were pleasantly surprised to see most of the snow was gone. There was even a little bit of growth happening underfoot, and maple syrup harvesting going on up the road. We even found some keys we dropped in the snow while snowshoeing several weeks ago. This has been the longest winter it seems … and ironically we are working on the Laura Ingalls Wilder book by the same title right now. It really forces Ezra to realize how much went into surviving such a winter years ago. We are only pining for the sun while the characters in the book are literally starving for food. We will be pretty happy to see real spring and summer temps when they come.

the field where we lost - and then found (after the thaw) - some keys

the field where we lost – and then found (after the thaw) – some keys









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I’ve always wanted to try this trick – but not with city snow. We heated up some maple syrup and poured it into snow-packed fry pans while the snow was very fresh. So fun!

Here comes more snow! Quick, find a kid project..

Here comes more snow! Quick, find a kid project..







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Last week all the parents in our ‘hood seemed to be abuzz about this article, and everyone wanted a lesson on making maple syrup. We were worried about running into huge crowds, but a friend suggested this Long Island farm and we drove out to it on Sunday.
We were pleasantly surprised by the manageable amount of visitors, and the gorgeous grounds. It looked like an old European farm that fell out of a fairy tale. Unlike the farms we’ve seen stocked with tractors and large industrial equipment – this farm had quiet peach and apple orchards, and some animals amidst a wandering path that went into the woods. Ezra was engrossed in all that the guide had to say about the difference between Colonial, Native American and current maple sugaring. They had a wigwam on site where they usually teach about LI Native American culture, and when the toddlers got bored there were plenty of sheep and goats (and bunnies) to see. We cannot wait to get back in the spring when everything is in bloom! Here are just some shots – more pix of animals and wigwam to come soon:

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