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Ok it’s a little embarrassing that this happened several weeks ago – you can tell by the photos that we were still wearing coats outdoors and the trees still didn’t have any leaves on them!  We’ve been to the Tribeca Family Fest several years in a row, and this time around we got to be part of the cooking session with Angelo Sosa from Anejo!  We learned to put some pomegranate or smoked pumpkin seeds on our guacamole, and of course a street fair isn’t a fair unless Zoe has her face painted.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

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photo 5


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Some time ago we saw the Figment show at Governors Island – and I completely forgot about the photos I took until now. We love Governors Island because the kids always love a ride on the ferry, and the island is ‘car free’ so we can scoot and bike everywhere. The forts on the island are particularly interesting as well.
Of course being such a huge fan of tree houses – I found the piece by Benjamin Jones to be the most exciting piece in the show. You can see it in the photos below and it’s my newest dream house to date. The ‘giant hands’ were great too and Zoe loved the dress up aspect of the day.

(Another momma blogger from our ‘hood posted some images of Figment as well … check them out here – and note I’m not alone in my tree house lust!)

Looking at Manhattan from Governors Island:

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