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Remember when we ran into this couple getting married at The Met Museum? Well they decided to have a wedding party (years later) this past weekend at the lake. What a pretty location and amazing time we had! Our toes were in the water, lights twinkling over tables on the dock, and I got to tie a lot of nature on to vases (with twine) to decorate – and everyone made a dish to share (including that huge pile of yummy cupcakes.) What an amazing start to summer.


Zoe convinced me to ‘wear some flair’ – feathery earrings!


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Welcome our new sweet, rescued friend Louie. He is about 4 years old and mostly schnauzer (maybe a schnoodle as he may be mixed with poodle?) Not only is he NOT a chewer and house trained, but also sweet and a super snuggle bug. He will sit in your lap and keep you warm all day. And he’s hypoallergenic! No shedding! This mamma loves this!

It was high time we caved to Ezra’s constant begging for a dog and all the responsibility that comes with it (which he is doing so very well at upholding).  Now we just have to figure out what to do with Zoe’s overwhelming desire to have a hamster or a cat ; (


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Some little 7 year old lady had a bit of a ‘camping, donut decorating, s’mores’ themed birthday party that was cozy and fun!  We moved the furniture around so that we could accommodate a tent with holiday lights, as well as room for small tables to decorate donuts on. We played ‘pin the cherry on the ice cream’ and had the guests decorate a giant card for Zoe when they first arrived.  And of course a game of Twister in the mix doesn’t hurt either!
Happy 7th birthday gorgeous little gal!


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We haven’t been to this great museum in awhile – but it’s always a great cold-weather get away from the city.  The Brooklyn Museum of Art has spruced up a bit since we last saw it and there are quite a number of new exhibits happening now that most the building is restored.  There’s contemporary feminist art, a tuk tuk that the kids could sit in, John Lennon and Yoko kept the kids occupied for quite some time (Beatles fans that they are!) But we still always end up spending the most time looking at the Bliss House and Cane Acre’s Plantion houses – as well as other colonial homes that somehow fit in this museum!




a whole wall of vases


art made of corn kernels?




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Remember when Ezra got an award from his school? Coming right up behind him is Zoe – getting an award for being a ‘Good Citizen’ last night. We couldn’t be prouder. I love how creative and independent this one has been lately – while I was gathering cardboard to make a Purim Carnival Cutout board, she was sneaking away with her own piece and created her own ‘Rapunzel princess disguise’ (and then had to face time the grandparents and trick them of course!)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2

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This museum of design is a favorite of mine, and I love that the kids got to visit during a more ‘interactive weekend’ when they could use a special pen throughout the exhibits.

There was a show on how patterns can be made via computer programs (in the Immersion Room), some info on how Pixar movie animation is done, a lovely blue room of birdcages (my fave) and Thom Brown Selects  room of reflective shoes and mirrors.  If you come to NYC – this museum housed in the previous mansion of the Carnegie family is definitely worth the trek uptown.


Ezra and another museum goer have a pattern-off


the end result appears on the walls!


the blue birdcage room was soothing


yeah I’ll take 2 please..


spinny chairs in the basement


Thom Browne selects

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Zoe turned 6 back in January and I was able to capture her excitement in a little movie clip, as well as her new enthusiasm for dancing (for hours!) to klezmer music, and Ezra’s progress on the drums! Enjoy..

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