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Ok I’m realizing my blog is becoming about the constantly changing temperatures here but COME ON! We’ve gone from snow storm to sudden 70 degree spring day so it’s definitely worth mentioning, right?   When I look at my previous post and see all that snow, and then realize that I’m about to post some “trips to the beach images”, I’m reminded of how crazy this Feb weather really has been.

But more importantly: we’ve found a new beach.  We drove to the Fire Island Lighthouse after a friend recommended this hike to the shore via the more inland parking lot area.  And what a nice surprise this all was!  We spotted deer who lingered just 10 feet from the path, and learned that our new rescue dog (who hails from Nebraska) is as in love with the sea as we are!  The only downside: we were NOT the only ones with this brilliant idea – the beach was packed with other beach combers in late Feb!  Go figure..


Louie loves the shore as much as we do


beach was full of people in late Feb!


hello deer!



Zoe just had to shed her coat


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It was maybe exactly 10 years ago that me and my husband first went to this amazing place, with my belly full of Ezra and the summer stretched ahead of us.  We finally got to return – and this time with a grown Ezra and little Zoe. My kids love flowers and gardens and wide open spaces so this weekend romp was a hit.   Zoe loves the little pink playhouse with its own lavender gardens. By the time we made it to the Coe Hall Historic House I felt as if I were roaming around some place in Europe and it’s no wonder.. it was totally created to look like an English Castle by its first owners.



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While it’s a bit chilly today, the weekends have been amazing and warm . Ezra and his dad got a little ‘dad and son’ time at New York Air Show at Jones Beach, Long Island. A special thanks to Sean and Barbara Martens for the tickets (and to Sean for his infectious enthusiasm about all things that fly!)

photos by gregkessler.com













photo 1

photo 2

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We LOVE Jacob Riis and Robert Moses beaches but were itching to try something new. Friends told us about Sunken Meadow State Park and we had to check it out. It is a bit rockier and has less waves – but it was great to feel like we were on a new adventure for the day. We do love how many great programs they seem to have during the summer and the park and recreation people who came out to explain the sealife to everyone!

I have been pining for salt water beaches lately and – while Sunken Meadow was fun – I’m longing for the sound of crashing waves before summer ends. My husband promises me he’ll play waves via his iphone next time we go to the lake. I have to admit, it seems like a great idea!


look how rocky it is! (ok basically I will use any excuse to shoot Zoe's cute feet)

look how rocky it is! (ok basically I will use any excuse to shoot Zoe’s cute feet)







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My husband has an interest in Theodore Roosevelt (check out our previous Theodore encounter here) and was hankering for a trip to the Theodore Roosevelt house at Sagamore Hill. Unfortunately the house is under construction but there’s still Sagamore Hill itself. Sagamore Hill is a pleasant site to hike around – and it has an information center at Old Orchard Home where we could see some movies and old artifacts on the subject of Theodore’s life and presidency. The kids were pretty excited to get Junior Park Ranger badges – which were earned by completing a little test of finding various things around the center. Now that we are chalk full of Teddy knowledge can’t wait to get back to tour his home when the renovation is finished.










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Our friends told us about this pretty town just a little outside of New York City where we could hike and – as the day wore on and the weather got warmer – we could even hit the beach! Ezra loved using his ‘walking with 2 sticks’ technique while hiking, and Zoe just had to carry a sparkly handbag into the woods (which I later discovered she had filled with acorns, twigs, bug balls and the like.) We even found a turtle making his way across our path while we crossed a stream! He hid out in his shell so well, we nearly used him as a stepping stone. When we got to the beach outside of Rye Playland we realized we had done this ‘October beaching’ thing before – see our post from last year.

The beautiful iphone photos (on the rocks, and last photo) are by Ina Seow:

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While I don’t yet have shots of the kids frolicking in colorful leaves, rest assured that fall seems to already be upon us. Unlike last year (I remember it being warm, or downright HOT until Halloween last year) we are getting cooler weather and leaves sticking to the car windshield already. Believe it or not, I already got what seems like the flu or a chest cold – that has knocked me out so hard I couldn’t even blog. Or take pictures. Or play with my kids. So I apologize for the slow posting but thankfully there was another mamma on hand with iphone and Instagram (thank you Ina!) She took these cute shots of E and Z and their friends Lea, Mia and Brad romping in cornfields – and one very last romp on the beach – while we went back to the Bridgehampton barn where me and my husband were married. And just as on our wedding day, the waves were huge and rowdy in an oddly soothing way that could lull you to sleep on the beach.

Photos by Ina Seow

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