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Ezra has been taking drum lessons around here lately, and I’ve realized that I love the colors under the train tracks and the Sesame Street style stoops on houses!  It’s really taking me back to scenes of Sesame Street from the 70s, but with all the new high-rises and graffiti in the mix – it’s something new.   What does it remind you of?


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In our old neighborhood of Long Island City there’s a new little cafe… for humans and pets alike!  We love sipping hot chocolate at Chateau Le Woof and watching Louie make new friends (below is Frankie).  The park across the street gets super muddy as the weather warms so this is a perfect spot for dry paws.



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During Veteran’s Day we stumbled on the new Hunter’s Point coastal walk … one of many new and improved ‘coastlines’ of Queens.  There are others around Manhattan and Brooklyn – see here: (https://ny.curbed.com/2018/8/9/17667488/new-york-domino-park-hunters-point-south-photo-essay.)  When I first came to NYC in 1989 it seemed liked so much of this land was used for tossing trash, or vacant and ignored.  It’s so great to see it now is used as recreation area and more saliently, landscaped in a way that’s good for promoting ‘run off’ to keep city toxins out of the soil.  I love how the grasses here were planting to facilitate this – while at the same time avoiding land erosion.  Best of all it seems to last year round (colors looking good in the fall, and perhaps even staying around for the winter).


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Fun outdoor art, collecting bugs, toes in grass, eating outdoors with friends and warm summer breezes: these are a few of my favorite things!

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photo 2[3]

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My husband and Ezra are taking ukulele lessons on Saturday now. According to my husband this is the perfect little instrument for tiny hands, and Ezra loves it. He rocks out like a Hawaiin rock star.

beautiful instagrams from #gregkesslerphoto

beautiful instagrams from #gregkesslerphoto

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 11.23.41 AM

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MAN we need to find some new stuff to do. We are revisiting the same museums – but thank goodness they have new ever-changing exhibits to be excited about! I for one cannot wait to spend more time outdoors. But the Korakrit Arunanondchai exhibit at least had some fun, giant denim cushions to sack out on. Basically the kids love any art they can touch or climb on. Check it out this weekend:











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We are basically sun starved and craving outdoor time after such a ruthless winter. So nothing could be better than finding a new park to explore in Queens! Hunter’s Point South Park looks over the water from LIC towards the city – so we can see the Empire State building and Chrysler building while we play.









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