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I’m not gonna lie, it has taken YEARS to get Zoe ‘into’ the ballet or dance.  She’s just now mature enough to enjoy it, and she even lasted through all 2 and a half hours of Peck and Copland’s “Rodeo” – which was a lot of fun!  The Second Movement was my favorite part,  and is included as a video at the end of this post.  Enjoy!



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This long Columbus Day weekend we had a fun time showing cousins Tali and Jake around town… starting with Times Square and the giant Toys R Us with ferris wheel inside. And of course the subway rides are always entertaining.
How was your weekend?








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giant lego Hulk at Toys R Us Times Square

giant lego Hulk at Toys R Us Times Square

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Uncle Anthony and horse on the subway... yeah, only in New York!

Uncle Anthony and horse on the subway… yeah, only in New York!

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On the basement level of the New York Historical Society is the Dimenna Children’s History Museum – which invites ‘young detectives’ to explore a hands-on exhibit about history. We went on a quiet day when the curator there could answer all our questions and took out blocks for us to play with in the library. Ezra got a kick out of posing as a president and playing the interactive ‘Newsie‘ game that gave kids a chance to see what underage child labor had to deal with in a day on the streets of New York. And the staff got a big kick out of Zoe – who just so happened to wear her favorite frock that fit in with the overall Americana theme!

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What better way to celebrate the end of a school year and all of Ezra’s hard work than with a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar in Manhattan? This trip didn’t happen on his actual last day of school but it was fueled by the thinking that summer was well on it’s way. The kids loved all the colorful displays and candy organized by color, and I was amazed by the kids’ restraint – they managed to get out of there with only 1/4 bag full of candies each! The store itself is the most enjoyable part – with its stairs inlaid with candy, jelly bean mosaic and shelves dripping with chocolate. And yes, that huge chocolate bunny is really made up entirely of chocolate!

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We spent Wednesday night staying up past the kids’ bedtimes. Socrates Sculpture Park had their annual Summer Solstice Celebration, complete with a silent disco and LOTS of stations where kids could create things from recycled materials. If you look just beneath the 3rd and 4th bubble (from the left) you will see a ‘blue flower sculpture’ just in front of the tree. That’s Ezra’s masterpiece – made of blue plastic bags and book ends. We stayed up waiting for the sun to go down … it wasn’t until 9 p.m. that it started to get a wee bit dark. The kids were exhausted and slept like ya do when it’s summer, and you’ve been outdoors all day long. Bring it on!

This delicious instagram (of Ezra, Mia, Zoe and Lea) is by Ina Seow:

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