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It’s beginning to feel a bit like spring here, finally. We tooled around with our scooters and had one of those glorious days watching the trees grow fuzzy – like they do when buds on branches start to bloom. The kids love seeing flowers on the trees outside of the Museum of Natural History, and got to frolic in a sandbox in Central Park. We made a short trek to Momofuku Milk Bar for ‘blueberry and cream cookies’ – and check out their ‘candy bar pie’ topped off with a pretzel! At dusk, the sea of yellow taxis against a dusky sky made me reminisce about summers when I use to live in Manhattan (and my nights would start where they now end – around 9 pm!)








(birthday cake and candy bar pie photos from milkbarstore.com)



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Instagram shot by Ben Blair.

— Oh how I want to be Betty. I need to take the kids to Paris soon.

— YUM hot chocolate made with coconut milk!

— Have you seen these fireflies in Japan?

— E and Z’s dad deserves this great new mag for dads.

— I tried to design something like this in college but it didn’t turn out nearly as great.

— Get ready for valentine’s day – send some love in a box.

My stylist friend from Martha Stewart taught me that grey and white are great in kids’ rooms (or anywhere else). Here’s a great example.

Living small is a virtue.

— More beautiful bird nests.

— Something new I learned about this week: vertical gardens.

— Can I live here please? And Ezra will take the car.

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We might be creatures of habit because we were back here again at the DUMBO Art Festival. We even ran into Brooklyn bloggers from Sweetfineday.com and I have to admit – I’m so smitten with their blog that I felt like we were in the presence of celebrities-of-sorts (the baked goods! the photography!) And like them, we too were happily trapped in the glass box surrounding the carousel for a bit before doing some art in the rain. String art, spin art, looking at back-pack art and enjoying the ‘solar paneled sculpture’ that charged iphones (E loved this). The sun popped back out again and it proved to be a great day for creating and exploring.

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It’s always nice to come home from traveling around to other places, and get to visit some famous places in Queens. One such place is Louis Armstrong’s house just several blocks from us in Corona Queens. As the story goes – Louis went off on tour and when he returned his wife had purchased this home in the neighborhood where she grew up … and they lived there until his and her deaths. The fact that such a famous couple lived in such a modest neighborhood is still endearing to everyone who lives there or visits.
Every year the museum throws a block party with new jazz musicians featured and – we love this part the best – they open up Satchmo’s garden back yard to viewers. We love sitting back there. The house tour is great as well — we particularly loved the blue kitchen with appliances hidden in the counter tops!

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En route to New England we stopped in on a really great kid’s museum in Connecticut. Our friends recommended this whacky place with a play UFO and space diner on the first floor, a fish hatchery that keeps kids busy for hours (fish with magnetic snouts can be attached and moved around the room after found in a play igloo with cooler temperature inside). We loved the hand-washing machine outside of the bathrooms. Miniature train, play garden and around-the-world music zone were all part of the fun and Zoe LOVED the ‘aquarium’ themed toddler area in the basement! Note her ‘happy dance’ in the photos..

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While in Portland we stopped by the Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine. Lots of info on whales, lumbering, camping, farming and lobster fishing. Obviously Ezra LOVED the area where he could pretend to fix a car and fill it with gas!

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I’ve been slow to post because our days have been filled with food, folks and fun. Not a bad summer, eh? We visited some friends in Maine who showed us their amazing garden, a backyard teepee, introduced Ezra to geodes, and helped us find fresh seafood (ceviche sushi and lobsta!) in scenic Portland. The much cooler temperatures up north was just an added bonus to an otherwise perfect weekend…

(thank you Hillary, Aaron and Devorah!)

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