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Remember our blog post about this great place?  Just 10-20 blocks from our home stands the home of Louis Armstrong (and Dizzy Gillespie lived nearby to here as well). E was much smaller in our previous post – but now he’s all grown up and headed there for a school field trip with the school’s concert band members.  I finally got a shot of that blue kitchen that I’m always raving about, and Ezra was able to try his hand at blowing a trumpet in the basement of Satchmo’s home!


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If you can’t give your kids an authentic music experience in NYC, then why live here in the great city of jazz? We’ve been dying to do this ever since we learned about it while at the Morris-Jumel Mansion.   We finally made it back uptown to the ‘triple nickel building’ (as Marjorie called it) – or 555 Edgecombe Ave located near 160th St in Harlem.   Marjorie opens up her own apartment for a jazz show from 4-6 pm – donations requested, and love of music required.  The kids were so well behaved and Marjorie’s piano playing so soothing on a cold Sunday afternoon.  Here is a great shot from Zoe via my iPhone, and then other great pix from placematters.net




Marjorie has snacks at the ready for the audience

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It’s always nice to come home from traveling around to other places, and get to visit some famous places in Queens. One such place is Louis Armstrong’s house just several blocks from us in Corona Queens. As the story goes – Louis went off on tour and when he returned his wife had purchased this home in the neighborhood where she grew up … and they lived there until his and her deaths. The fact that such a famous couple lived in such a modest neighborhood is still endearing to everyone who lives there or visits.
Every year the museum throws a block party with new jazz musicians featured and – we love this part the best – they open up Satchmo’s garden back yard to viewers. We love sitting back there. The house tour is great as well — we particularly loved the blue kitchen with appliances hidden in the counter tops!

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