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WSF always has an indoor event where we can visit multiple tables and learn about various fun science tips and facts! ¬†Once again we dragged grandma along (although she was easy to convince to come) to see how gravity works, how to engineer pedestals that withstand earthquakes and recreate the ‘glide’ of a flying squirrel. ¬†Best of all we got to bump into E and Z’s dad while he worked (and sometimes stand in as models if he needed) –


creating a parachute man and watching him fly out of the chute!


Zoe tries her ‘flying squirrel’ made of fabric and popsicle sticks


and of course, pink tape


giant patterned blocks


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We love the Bekvan stool by Ikea. We’ve painted it and had it by our kitchen counter for years now and Ezra always used it to participate in food prep and (watching us) cooking. But his sister prefers to use it as a ‘half picnic table’ as she calls it.
Layers of our paint have worn off it by now but I’d love to copy this great stool makeover.





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While hanging out with our friend Brad in Connecticut, he allowed us to play with one of his Christmas gifts from his grandma. Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? Not only are they still around, but they come in more variety – including packs of large blank paper where you can create your own drawings and crafts out of them.

Coincidentally Brad’s Aunt Nan came over to the house with her own Shrinky Dink art that she exhibited in a local gallery. Check out her amazing shadow boxes filled with her own created creatures! And after finding this pinterest page of other ideas, I cannot wait to try my hand at making rings.

Drawing some pretty cute things ..

Drawing some pretty cute things ..


Anxiously watching the oven for the finished products

Anxiously watching the oven for the finished products

Ezra's 'pepperoni' and car necklaces

Ezra’s ‘pepperoni’ and car necklaces

Aunt Nan's pieces

Aunt Nan’s pieces

Shrinky Dink sheep!

Shrinky Dink sheep!

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And for the extended times we spent indoors this weekend – thawing toes – we had a few dolly tea parties and did this very cool trick with milk, dish soap and food coloring!







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A little reprieve to the country – lots of board game-playing, finding strange tiny mushrooms on the rocks outside, hiking until we all got too cold, and napping somewhere cozy after all is said and done. Winter on its way:

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Thank you for all your calls and messages and texts. We are doing fine – in fact the sun is starting to shine here in Queens NY. We were one of the lucky families that is experiencing only some cabin fever – but luckily that’s all for now. We just have to check on our car at some point and hope it wasn’t struck by a tree limb. And maybe put off trick-or-treating by another day.

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During the cold weather we get a little stir crazy while indoors – and grandparents love receiving these little handmade items that are useful, recycled AND created by their grandchildren! Back in the 1970s my mom would cut (with a saw!) a much sturdier ‘roll’ that came at the end of a bolt of fabric, or perhaps wrapping paper. Today this craft idea makes use of those constantly multiplying paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Easy to do and ‘eyeball’ measure … you can either cut the items for your children or let them cut the fabric/ribbon and paper roll on their own.
One yard of 1 inch wide ribbon/trimming makes about 6 rings – so buy about 1.5 yards and use a paper towel roll plus one bathroom roll to get a set of 9 rings. We cut the fabric/ribbon into 6 inch strips and preferred a thick, almost tapestry-like material to make the ring firm. The kids can put glue either on the back of the fabric or on the outside of the paper roll, and then roll it all together and let stand to dry. Voila!

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