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For Earth Day the kids went to Flushing Town Hall in Flushing Queens, to learn a little Srijan Dance! Look out Bollywood… here we come:
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Apartmenttherapy.com has a post on how to celebrate Diwali with kids. Note the correction at the bottom of the post indicates that Diwali is only 2 days long, so today is the last day. Check it out!

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Yes, we live here – in a neighborhood filled with Indian culture – and yet somehow most of it passes us by. One of those things that we wish we could get more involved with is Diwali – the Indian festival of lights that comes in October or November every year. I wish there were more parties or parades that might celebrate this holiday so that we could get an inside look. I worry that I keep assuming that it’s an Indian Hanukkah or India Christmas – but it is a very festive holiday that I can never fully understand without being raised in a Hindu or Jain home.
Many MANY years ago I went to Rajasthan during Diwali and experienced mostly sweets and fireworks (and more sweets) – so I had to take the kids out for some Indian sweets at the very least. These sweets contain so much sugar they can make your head hurt after consuming only one – but of course Zoe was nuts about the pink ones. The shops filled with candle holders, Rangoli materials, diya and statues of deities … the kids loved that. And I love that it’s all so nearby (and fascinating), we can just tumble outside our door to explore it.

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