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Our holiday ended a week ago, but we have these lingering photos of a massive menorah lighting at the Friday night service – and Ezra is doing some more performing at synagogue lately!  He’s sitting on and playing a percussion instrument called the ‘cajon‘ here, and performing with the cantor.

We hope your December is going well and you are staying warm.

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Wow was I impressed when the kids got home from Sunday school with these awesome menorahs that they made by hand! Dovetailing and all! And of course we had to add a little Italian ‘mozzarella and tomatoes’ with delicious pressed olive oil to the mix, along with E&Z’s dad’s BEST and most crispy latkes.  This amazing recipe is from grandma – and they are a favorite even to our neighbors (who sniff them out while we are cooking). See below – our neighbor Eesha  – whose mom says she ‘didn’t even get her coat off before eating them’.        ; )



Director of Community Affairs at our synagogue ‘Souks’ lends Ezra a hand..



little Eesha means business with her latke eating skillz!

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Our Hanukkah party brought out a lot of people! A party of 115 folks… And what an excellently fun and diverse group we are. I loved the mass candle lighting the most, and of course Zoe loved the face painting.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.31.54 PM
image003 This collage of photos by Alan Brava.

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Yup. Most people have chips and dip at their house but my new-found snack is gelt dipped in peanut butter. Yum! I’ve read various other things to do with gelt (put in a blender to add to milk shakes or smoothies) but really I can’t hold out to process them any further than getting them out of their thin, tight little gold wrappers. I’ve maybe made the effort to cut up bananas and sandwich a slice between 2 pieces of gelt (somehow I’ve convinced myself that this is a slightly healthier take on the Oreo) — it’s no wonder I’m loosening my belt, over gelt!

Next year I promise not to buy the humongous bulk pack from Costco.
What are YOU snacking on this weekend?


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May your winter be filled with light

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